Harry’s near miss

“Help! He has swallowed a razor blade!” These are not words you really want to hear. My mind had no trouble imaging all kinds of wounds and nasty outcomes of that error. It seems that Harry just could not help himself. As a biscuit loving hound, when his owner was excitedly opening a parcel, he […]

Drusilla’s experience

Possibly the best day out ever! Excuse my enthusiasm, but if you are an animal lover then you will be with me on this. A day out at Drusillas Park has always been one of my favourite things, so being Zoo Keeper for the day was terrific. This was a gift from before coronavirus, put […]

Why I became a vet

Last month I conducted a virtual careers talk. A local school had identified that they have several pupils that might want to pursue a career in veterinary medicine. They asked me to offer some insight into the reality of working with animals. I have frequently attended careers events at local schools, although never before via […]

This week the Mewes Vets are celebrating our 25th anniversary!

It was twenty-five years ago that I first viewed the five bedroom home at number four Haywards Road and saw its potential as a veterinary clinic. I climbed up the ridiculously narrow front steps, slippery with frost, and promised myself that some wide deep steps would be a priority for patient safety. I imagined converting […]

What are Anal Glands

“He’s made his skin raw.” Vic the labrador had been worrying at one small place on his knee, until it was bald and sore, and now he had started on a new area nearby. Vic has beautiful manners, and is in supremely fit condition. I was able to solve his problem quite easily, by clearing […]

The vet needs a caesarian kit

I heard the call and looked around to see who would respond. I was at that difficult stage where I knew very little, being just a 4th year vet student, and was more likely to be in everyone’s way than being a help. Then I realised that this time I could help. I had a […]

How to preserve a pug’s eye?

Eyes are special in so many ways. And for a pet to lose an eye feels like a real fail. We tried so hard to save Robbie’s eye, but in the end, it was too badly damaged and he was in such pain, we knew it could not be saved. Robbie is a gorgeous cuddly […]

Ruptured diaphragm

In my first year as a qualified vet there were so many new experiences. Sadly, it was fairly common to have cats rushed to us, who had misjudged the moment to cross the road. These would have potentially suffered both visible external and invisible internal injuries. A common internal injury following a road traffic collision […]

It’s lambing season again.

It’s lambing season again. I was very fortunate as a vet student to learn my lambing from a patient Cotswold farmer. The most heavily pregnant ewes were quietly brought into an enormous open-sided barn a week or so before their due dates. All interactions, including moving them are taken very quietly, to avoid startling them […]

Not your everyday tummy upset

Max the cat had been sick, and was refusing food. After a careful assessment, he was given a simple injection to hopefully settle his stomach, and sent home to recover. But two days later he still did not fancy his food. He had suddenly dropped in weight, was still retching a little, and he now […]