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The Mewes Vets


The Mewes provide a huge range of diagnoses, clinics, surgery and aftercare. So if your pet ever needs to visit us, our fantastic and expert team are here to help.

All prices include VAT. Please note that these prices were posted in April 2024 and are subject to change.


Our standard consultation is 15 minutes, allowing plenty of time to discuss your pet’s health and any concerns you may have. Some consultations are 30 minutes (e.g. first puppy and kitten visits, many bird/reptile consultations, second opinions and more complicated medical problems) and the fee reflects this.
ServicePrice (including VAT)
Initial consultation fee£54.50
Re-examination fee£53.00
Hutch pet consultation fee£50.00
Nurse consult£31.50


We use three or four-yearly vaccinations wherever possible, and currently only dog leptospirosis, infectious bronchitis and cat flu and enteritis virus vaccines are given every year. The vaccine prices are the same every year regardless of which vaccines are given – the cost is averaged over the course of 3 years, in order to avoid miscommunication when advising our clients of the price.
Dogs & puppiesPrice (including VAT)
Dog annual booster vaccination, including health check£69.50
Dog annual booster vaccination, including infectious bronchitis protection* and health check£93.50
Annual vaccination for infectious Bronchitis* (Kennel cough), when given on its own£49.50
Puppy vaccine, for both injections, including health check, but not infectious bronchitis protection£86.90
Puppy vaccine, for both injections, including infectious bronchitis protection* and health check£119.00
Cats & kittensPrice (including VAT)
Kitten Vaccination package for both injections, including health check£99.50
Cat annual booster vaccination, including health check£69.50
RabbitsPrice (including VAT)
Triple annual vaccination and health check£79.00


All neuter surgeries for all species include a pre-operative health check, 2 post-operative checks, suture materials and pain relief. Medical pet shirts, and collars to prevent interference with the incision are available for an additional fee, as they are not always necessary.
DogsPrice (including VAT)
Castrate dog under 10kg, including anaesthesia£279.00
Castrate dog 10-25kg, including anaesthesia£315.00
Castrate dog 25-40kg, including anaesthesia£352.00
Castrate dog 40-60kg, including anaesthesia£371.00
Castrate dog over 60kg, including anaesthesia£403.00
Spay female dog under 10kg, including anaesthesia£370.00
Spay female dog 10-25kg, including anaesthesia£410.00
Spay female dog 25-40kg, including anaesthesia£470.00
Spay female dog 40-60kg, including anaesthesia£525.00
Spay female dog over 60kg, including anaesthesia£532.00
CatsPrice (including VAT)
Male cat castration procedure, including anaesthesia£110.00
Female cat spay procedure, including anaesthesia£130.00
RabbitsPrice (including VAT)
Male rabbit castration, including anaesthesia£125.00
Female rabbit spay, including anaesthesia£170.00


General anaesthesia, descale and polish, without any dental extractions:
AnimalPrice (including VAT)
Dogs under 10kg£212.00
Dogs 10-25kg£239.00
Dogs 25-40kg£260.60
Dog over 40kg£303.00
RabbitsFrom £202.80
Rodents/guinea pigsFrom £117.70
For the cost of tooth extractions, please discuss with our team, noting that the cost depends on the number of teeth to be extracted, type and difficulty, and whether antibiotics are needed. Pain relief will always be required.