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  • baby lamb

    It’s lambing season again.

    It’s lambing season again. I was very fortunate as a vet student to learn my lambing from a patient Cotswold ...

    25th March 2021

  • Generic cat

    Not your everyday tummy upset

    Max the cat had been sick, and was refusing food. After a careful assessment, he was given a simple injection ...

    4th March 2021

  • Male vet with cat

    Hunky vet and cat cuddles

    One winter I was staying with my godparent’s family in Birmingham, so that I could see practice nearby. I was ...

    4th February 2021

  • Dora - 21.1.21

    An evening emergency

    It was five minutes to home time. It was the first evening in months where the special appointments that we ...

    21st January 2021

  • Lucy

    A Christmas Miracle

    I first met Lucy, a beautiful German Shepherd, when she was two years old. She was a little nervous of ...

    24th December 2020

  • Bracken 2

    Dog Vestibular Disease

    I bought some Aspods recently, and passed one to each of my team. Mine is now proudly on my keyring, ...

    26th November 2020

  • Joey Squeaks

    Joey the chihuahua’s hip

    Once it was quite common to see small dogs that had to hop on their hind legs. Thirty years ago, ...

    8th October 2020

  • Bagheera take 2

    My profession changing over the decades

    Last week I observed Lisa, one of my RVNs (Registered Veterinary Nurses) place a cannula into the vein of a ...

    1st October 2020

  • Old collie

    Fever of unknown origin

    An old collie called Gemma came to me during the heatwave last month. She was rising thirteen, and had been ...

    10th September 2020

  • Julia operating

    How I became a vet

    I know there are a lot of young people wondering right now where their lives are going and how to ...

    20th August 2020

  • black cat

    Brave little Tom survives RTA

    “Help! Tom’s been run over!” I stopped what I was doing, and, as I descended the stairs to reception, I ...

    16th July 2020

  • Daxie

    Always Learning

    As we went into lockdown, one of the very few patients I saw in personwas a miniature Dachsund. At nine ...

    9th July 2020

  • bichon frise

    Last week I saved a life

    My patient was a nine year old Bichon Frise. She was new to me. I have known some petsfor their ...

    2nd July 2020

  • Julia Horse Riding

    How a rainy day activity helped shape our future

    When I was a kid we had a summer holiday every year in the same town in Devon. For just ...

    18th June 2020

  • pig

    Barrier nursing

    As a business owner, I am currently focussing my mind on how to bring my team back fromfurlough safely. This ...

    21st May 2020

  • hamster

    'Donkey' or 'Hamster'?

    This month is National Pet Month, in which we celebrate our lives with our pets, and promote responsible pet ownership. ...

    14th May 2020

  • JM operating

    How old habits need to change

    I have an odd obsession. If I clean something, like the laundry, it really upsets me if it gets mixed ...

    20th February 2020

  • Freddy

    Freddy's strangely nice experience

    I get a great many compliments about pets who just love coming to see us at the Clinic. This might ...

    30th January 2020

  • Wilbur

    A Staffie's Stifle Disease

    I spend all day trying to ensure that pet owners understand me. I consider it the role of a good ...

    23rd January 2020

  • racehorse

    As a kid I was mad about horses

    As a kid I was mad about horses. I thought I was going to be a horse vet, and spent ...

    2nd January 2020