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Goodbye to Rogers Wildlife
This is the time of year when birds are rearing their young. We receive a great many calls from good...
Practice news
Thu 19 May 2022
Student VN Awareness Month
When I was a vet student, the veterinary nurses were mythical dragons. There were very few of them. They dressed...
Practice news
Thu 12 May 2022
Cuckoo Fayre
I was a senior at primary school. My class and I were quietly studying in a science lesson, when our...
Mewes memories
Thu 21 April 2022
Happy Easter!
I adore chocolate, especially at Easter time. But very sadly it does not love me. But I should be grateful....
Practice news
Thu 14 April 2022
Vestibular disease
“Barney has collapsed!” Whenever I see a message like this on my appointment list, I know I have a serious...
Practice news
Thu 7 April 2022
Dancing Student
One of my passions is dancing. For a few years as a student I competed for my University in ballroom...
Mewes memories
Thu 10 February 2022
Pet first aid course
This is your last call to book a space on our Pet First Aid Course. If you would like to...
Practice news
Thu 27 January 2022
It's an emergency
Your pet rabbit has been chewing the electric wires again. Suddenly all the lights go out, and Nibbles has stopped...
Practice news
Thu 6 January 2022
New Colleagues at The Mewes
This week we are absolutely thrilled to be welcoming multiple new colleagues. Dr Alice Denning MRCVS is Sussex born and...
Practice news
Thu 16 December 2021