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Charity Donations: Streetvet, PAWS & Mayreau
I would like to send a huge thank you to our wonderful clients. Our Haywards Heath calendar featuring overall winner...
Mewes News
Thu 18 April 2024
Local pet owners comes to visit the mewes vets in peacehaven
Local pet owners took advantage of a rare opportunity to see behind the scenes at the new veterinary clinic in Peacehaven
Dr Julia Mewes hosted an open morning for local pet owners recently at the new Mewes Vets on Lincoln Avenue...
Mewes News
Thu 14 March 2024
Introducing Dr Jacob Sen
We are delighted to introduce a new colleague at the Mewes Vets. His name is Jacob, and he is the...
Mewes News
Thu 7 March 2024
Leap Day Lambing
Every vet student spends time learning about lambing. I visited a sheep farm in Oxfordshire with several hundred ewes currently...
Mewes Memories
Thu 29 February 2024
Malignant melanoma skin cancer
I truly hate cancer. I often find my favourite patients being diagnosed with different types of cancer. One particularly nasty...
Mewes News
Thu 22 February 2024
“Help! My dog has collapsed!”
As a vet, I am never fully off duty. I immediately searched for the source of the call.   I...
Mewes News
Thu 15 February 2024
Marc Abraham getting his OBE from King Charles, this shows how much he wanted to become a veterinarian
My journey on how I wanted to become a veterinarian: Dr Marc Abraham OBE
As far back as I can remember I always wanted to become a veterinarian. At just three years old, I...
Mewes News
Tue 13 February 2024
Dr Marc Abraham veterinary surgeons
Meet the Mewes Vets veterinary surgeons
The Sussex-based independent Mewes Vets are hosting an open morning with an opportunity to meet all three of their veterinary...
Mewes News
Tue 6 February 2024
Processing to the Senate House for my Degree
This is the time of year when students are sitting their finals. There is course work to complete, and degrees...
Mewes Memories
Fri 2 June 2023