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A Christmas Miracle

I first met Lucy, a beautiful German Shepherd, when she was two years old. She was a little nervous of strangers, and it took her quite some time to learn to trust me. I saw her through all her doggy needs for the next 12 years. 

Here is her story, in the words of her owner:

“It was a week before Christmas 2018.

Lucy, our lovely 14 year old German Shepherd Dog would usually be in bed until she had been given her doggie treat from her advent calendar.

That morning was different from normal, though.

Lucy could hardly stand up. Her head was lopsided.  She was struggling not to fall over, and was leaning to the right.  

My husband Kevin carried Lucy downstairs.

We suspected that Lucy had suffered a stroke.

I called the Mewes Vets and was able to get a morning appointment with Julia.

Kevin had to carry Lucy into the vets.

I was distraught, as I did not believe that we would be bringing Lucy home from that appointment.

Julia examined Lucy and informed us that she thought Lucy might be suffering from Vestibular Disease.  I had never heard of this illness before.

Julia prescribed a course of antibiotics for Lucy, as well as some tablets to treat the Vestibular Disease.  An appointment was made for a few days later for Lucy to go back for a follow up appointment.

By her next appointment, Lucy was a totally different dog.

She was still a bit wobbly, but I showed Julia a video of Lucy in our garden that morning.  Lucy was able to walk and trot around the garden.  She just had a tiny stumble going down the steps to the house.

Lucy’s recovery was remarkable.  

Even Julia seemed amazed at how quickly Lucy had recovered.

We had a lovely Christmas with Lucy.  

It turned out to be her last one, but we had five more precious months with Lucy which we hadn’t expected to have.

We are extremely grateful to Julia for giving us that extra time.”

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