Sunburnt Ears

When I was little, I was the only redhead in the family. In lovely weather, if I spent even a few hours outside, I would be as red as a lobster that evening. Is your pet a sun-worshipper? If so, then you need to be a little careful for them, too. A redhead like myself […]

A better old age

Eight months ago, Alfie’s owners realised that he needed help. He is a feisty terrier cross dachshund, and had just turned fourteen years old. But he was starting to slow down. His owners had noticed that if he walked his usual forty minutes or more a day he would be stiff and sore the next […]

Things aren’t always as they seem

Nutmeg the cat seemed fine, except that she had started panting like a dog. Luckily her owners recognised this was not normal for her, and brought her to me. I could hear that her heartbeat was muffled and very fast. I warned her owners that I was worried about pleural effusion, and explained that difficulty […]

Carbon monoxide toxicity

Who would have thought that one oxygen molecule could make a lethal difference? But it does. Carbon dioxide is a gas we all breathe out as a normal part of our metabolism. It’s not a good idea to re-breathe too much of it, and it is the primary greenhouse gas damaging our world and future […]

World Spay Day & Doris Day 22.2.22

I have a huge soft spot for Doris Day, and her music. But I only recently discovered her passion for stray animals, and that one of her legacies is World Spay Day. Back in 1995 the Doris Day Animal League in America held the first Spay Day, and it has been occurring on the last […]

Why does a pet cat need to hunt?

Cat owners quite often ask me why their cats still hunt, even when they are well fed? We think this is because the early relationship between people and cats was to use the cats as pest controllers. They lived outside and were there to keep the rat and mice population under control. Only the best […]

Pet First Aid

Sunshine is not just uplifting for our mood. It performs the vital function of creating most of the vitamin D that our bodies need. Low levels of vitamin D have been connected in people with osteoporosis, depression, and poor immunity to infection. With more people staying at home, and less holidays in the sunshine these […]

New Year – stiff joints – consider acupuncture

Is your pet slowing down this winter? Perhaps their waistline is spreading, and they seem keen to spend more time decorating your sofa than playing with their new Christmas presents? If so, I may have a good New Year’s resolution for you. It may be that your dog or cat is experiencing some pain from […]

Grapes and dried fruits are dangerous to some dogs

Please do not share any Christmas cake, Christmas pudding or mince pies with your dog this week.  Whilst a single grape, or one of its dried family of raisin, currant or sultana will probably not be harmful to a dog, larger numbers can be toxic, or even fatal due to kidney damage. We don’t know […]

Remember Remember

It’s nearly bonfire night, and we are allowed to go out and enjoy those fireworks again. It feels so great to be free to celebrate (safely) again. But do remember that for pets, fireworks and the whole mad Sussex celebrations can be upsetting. One particular challenge is having a vet’s appointment after dark on 5th […]