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World Spay Day & Doris Day 22.2.22

I have a huge soft spot for Doris Day, and her music.

But I only recently discovered her passion for stray animals, and that one of her legacies is World Spay Day.

Back in 1995 the Doris Day Animal League in America held the first Spay Day, and it has been occurring on the last Tuesday of February every year since.

“The day aims to spread awareness of the long-term health benefits of spaying and neutering your cats, dogs and rabbits. Not only does it enable your furry friends to live longer according to the Humane Society of the United States, it also helps keep shelter and stray populations down. By using this national holiday as a reminder, remember to check in with your veterinarian about the best time to spay or neuter your pets, which may vary by age, weight and sex.”

This year the Cats Protection, PDSA and other UK animal welfare charities will be teaming up to promote World Spay Day next Tuesday 22nd February.

Spaying is another word for neutering. Some people call it ‘fixing’, or ‘getting them done’.

The Cats Protection says that recent research has indicated that seventy per cent of cat litters are unplanned. And although having kittens in the home might sound fun to some, it is not for others. Pregnant queens are frequently abandoned at their shelters, forcing them to find homes both for the mum, and for all the kittens once they arrive.

And all the British rescue centres are overflowing with pets looking for forever homes.

Kittens can fall pregnant when as young as four months’ old.

Puppies can also father a litter from four months, and lady dogs can get pregnant from six months of age. And both cats and dogs will mate with their siblings.

The best way to avoid unwanted pregnancies, and to work towards reducing the number of strays waiting extended periods to find a home, is to spay your pet.

To find out more watch the Cats Protections video on you tube ‘world spay day’, or call your vet to find out when is the best time to get booked in.

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