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Charity Donations: Streetvet, PAWS & Mayreau

I would like to send a huge thank you to our wonderful clients.

Our Haywards Heath calendar featuring overall winner Remus sold 100 copies in aid of the
People’s Animal Welfare Society (PAWS). They are dedicated to providing a loving
environment for cats and dogs in need, offering them a second chance at finding their
forever home. They specialise in disabled or elderly pets. Your generosity means we have donated £800 to PAWS.

Our Rottingdean calendar competition was won by beautiful dalmatian Dolly, who proudly
graces the front cover of our 2024 Rottingdean calendar. This sold 50 copies, allowing us to
donate £400 to Streetvet.

Streevet is a charity helping people and their pets living rough, as well as those in temporary

If you would like a further opportunity to give a donation this spring, then please consider
supporting our Registered Veterinary Nurse Cami. She is taking a four week sabbatical from
our team in Rottingdean to help the animals living on the island of Mayreau.

Mayreau is a small island about 100 miles west of Barbados. Despite being home to many
dogs, cats, goats and sheep, it is too small to have any permanent veterinary care.
Cami will be visiting as a volunteer for Mayreau Animal Welfare, a non profit making

She will be caring for any pets and wildlife that need veterinary attention, parasite control,
and neutering. And an important part of her visit will be to try to support the welfare of the
dog population.

The dogs on Mayreau spend most of their lives tied up. Cami will be part of the team checking that they can get out of the sun, have access to water, and educating their owners to permit them to be taken for a run once a day by the welfare volunteers.

Cami would love to take a donation of funds with her, so if you can spare a little something please drop it into the box on the reception desk in Rottingdean, or make a donation at mayreau-animal-welfare.org/support-volunteering

Thank you so much.

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