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Boredom in rabbits

Are you getting cabin-fever yet?

We’ve been back in lockdown again for just two weeks, and, for some, it’s already getting hard to keep our spirits up.

Imagine what it must be like for ‘hutch’ pets.

I saw some interesting articles on how to combat boredom in pet rabbits, and wondered if perhaps we could tackle two problems with one idea?

How about spending some time enriching your pet rabbit’s life?

Rabbits are social animals, who prefer to live in groups. They like to spend time exploring, foraging and playing with one another. Living alone in a small featureless hutch must give them terrible cabin-fever.

You can start by trying to get them out either into the home, or into the garden for longer periods. You can use a secure run to allow them to explore new areas. Check each new area yourself first for safety. Remember particularly that bunnies do love to chew things, so protect or remove all electrical cables and precious items.

You need to provide lots of varieties of safe things for them to chew on.

Look out for things you can use to make fun obstacles or tunnels. Cardboard boxes are perfect. Offer them a sand-pit to dig in, and conceal small bits of food under, over or on different places to satisfy their need to search for food.

If you have a playful nature, rabbits do love to play games. You can train them to stretch up for food, knock over towers and even play ‘tag’.

I have even seen videos of rabbits doing a form of show jumping. If I could be sure this was taught kindly and gently, this is a natural and acceptable form of exercise and mental stimulation. Their long hind legs were meant for leaping, not lounging around, after all.

My team can offer detailed advice on how to care for rabbits, including vaccinations, neutering, claw clipping and safe handling. If you have a rabbit, and would like more detail on its care, just email my team at enquiries@themewes.co.uk .

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