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Get bunnies leaping in to the sunshine

This weekend we have a leap day to enjoy.

Created by Julius Caesar in 45BC to balance out the calendar, we can use this special day to look forwards, leap ahead and set new intentions.

As it’s spring, why not be leaping out into the garden? And if you are planning your planting, why not think about encouraging bees?

The British Bee Veterinary Association was formed recently to encourage us to do just that.

“We depend on pollination from bees for a third of the foods we eat. And, as well as the vital role bees play in pollinating so many of our foods, honey gives us an exceptional antibacterial product. However, it takes the nectar from up to an incredible two million flowers to make just 500g of honey. A shortage of pollen is one of the most significant problems bees face, with the average colony requiring up to 30kg of pollen per year: the equivalent weight of two large bags of dog food.”

If we all chose pollinator-friendly options for our garden colour this year, think what a difference this would make!

But if you are nervous of attracting little stingers into your pet’s space, don’t be too worried! There are many species of ‘good’ bees who do not swarm and are not aggressive, so the risk factors are tiny. I find the main problem is when young pets are rummaging around fallen fruit in autumn, but they soon learn to avoid those yellow and black stripes!

And whilst you are out digging in the garden, remember to get your rabbits and guinea pigs out there too. Like us, they are dependent on some sunlight on their skin to make vitamin D for good strong bones.

I used to see a great deal of problems with rabbits experiencing problems with their back teeth. Thankfully, as the message about healthy eating (grass is best for bunnies!), is becoming better understood, I see this much less often. But their teeth can get wobbly if their diet is deficient in vitamin D, so ideally we need to get those hutch friends leaping out there now

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