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Fireworks Night – The Night To Keep Your Pets Extra Safe

Fireworks night is coming again!

And while the colours that light the night sky are impressive, for me the most important thing to remember is our pets.

Caring for your rabbits

If you have outdoor hutches with rabbits or guinea pigs, please spare them some of your time.

When you know which night is going to be the noisy one, consider whether the pets could come indoors for those few hours.

Alternatively, move the hutch into a shed or garage, just for that night, to reduce their stress levels.

It helps to cover the windows with a good quality black-out style cover, making the flashes much less intimidating, and build the straw in the sleeping area to the ceiling so they can burrow.

Caring for your cats

Cats should be shut indoors. Even if they think otherwise, they cannot possibly anticipate what a fireworks display is like or where they’ll be when it goes off.

Feed them at dusk, and shut the cat flap. Close all the curtains, and turn up the volume on the TV to dampen the worst of the blasts.

Cats and Dogs

Cat and dogs have far more sensitive hearing than we do. If the bangs make you jump, then imagine how terrifying it’ll be for them.

It’s very important that you and your family do not overreact. Lead by example, and do your best to ignore the display if you’re home.

The last thing you need is a pet that associates every loud noise from a car backfiring to a balloon popping with the terror of a 30-minute Sussex display.

They say the best noise combination at home is that of a cooling fan with classical instrumental music. Play this really loud near your dog, and it will reduce the impact of the sudden unexpected explosions.

If your dog wants to hide, allow this, but avoid making a fuss of them – this tends to make their fear worse and worse each year. Just get on with your evening, cooking, eating and relaxing in the usual way.

If you’ve had bad experiences before, with your pet ripping up your home or getting hysterical, why not visit a friend who’s bonfire celebrations are a different night, or talk to your vet about the best sedatives and calming agents available?

For more information on what you should do with your pet on Fireworks Night, arrange an appointment with us by calling 01444 456886.

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