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  • 20th Jan

    Pet First Aid

    Sunshine is not just uplifting for our mood. It performs the vital function of creating most of the vitamin D ...

    20th January 2022

  • 30th Dec 21

    New Year - stiff joints - consider acupuncture

    Is your pet slowing down this winter? Perhaps their waistline is spreading, and they seem keen to spend more time ...

    30th December 2021

  • mince pies

    Grapes and dried fruits are dangerous to some dogs

    Please do not share any Christmas cake, Christmas pudding or mince pies with your dog this week.  Whilst a single ...

    23rd December 2021

  • hiding cat

    Remember Remember

    It’s nearly bonfire night, and we are allowed to go out and enjoy those fireworks again. It feels so great ...

    4th November 2021

  • pumpkin

    It’s spooky season

    Ten years ago, research showed that black cats were suffering from a weird prejudice. The Cats Protection noted that black ...

    28th October 2021

  • 21st October

    Neutering your female dog is a good thing

    I do sometimes come across pet owners who are unsure about spaying, and I am always happy to discuss with ...

    21st October 2021

  • kittens fighting

    First aid for abcess

    Your cat’s been in a fight. It doesn’t look too bad. There’s a speck of dried blood on the fur, ...

    30th September 2021

  • September is world Alzheimer's awareness month

    The theme this year is ‘know dementia, know Alzheimer’s’. But did you know that dogs can experience dementia as well? ...

    16th September 2021

  • Algea

    Are algae dangerous to my pets?

    Dog owners do need to be careful of blue-green algae. Whilst some are harmless, others do produce a variety of ...

    12th August 2021

  • pancytopenia cat

    Food Standards Agency in cats - feline pancytopenia

    Last month the Royal Veterinary College (RVC) recognised that there was a sudden increase in the number of cats they ...

    29th July 2021

  • Guinea pigs

    Guinea pigs are not mini rabbits

    This may seem an obvious statement, but from a medical perspective it's very important. One example of the differences between ...

    15th July 2021

  • flystrike bunny

    Myiasis in rabbits

    I am hoping as I write this that we can look forward to some hot summer weather. I am not ...

    1st July 2021

  • Muffin leaping

    Stop silent suffering

    Cats are not good at letting us know when they are in pain. As cats get older, many develop joint ...

    27th May 2021

  • Rat

    Rat respiratory problems

    Lima was having trouble breathing. She is just three months old, one of a new pair of pet rats. She ...

    29th April 2021

  • Dog walk

    Protect your dogs

    I never know how much to trust social media. But I suppose I would be a fool to ignore the ...

    28th January 2021

  • bunnies

    Boredom in rabbits

    Are you getting cabin-fever yet? We’ve been back in lockdown again for just two weeks, and, for some, it’s already ...

    19th November 2020

  • mewes pumpkin

    Exciting times are approaching

    Halloween and Bonfire Night both fall within a week, and each present our pets with possible issues. I have just ...

    29th October 2020

  • urine sample

    What is cystocentesis?

    Medical stuff is not always polite. We are taught as children not to put anything (at all!) up our noses, ...

    24th September 2020

  • Rowan berries

    Autumn fruits and pet poisoning

    Last week we received an urgent call. Milo the three month old cockerpoo puppy had been stung in the mouth ...

    17th September 2020

  • Muffin

    This Saturday 8th August, is International Cat Day

    As a vet I am receiving lots of invitations to attend webinars and onlineprofessional discussions to improve my understanding of ...

    6th August 2020