Lucky to be part of such a great team


I feel very blessed right now

I have often been stopped when out and about by people who congratulate me on the quality of my team. We had this independently confirmed a few months ago when we received notification of our placing 18th in the Best Vets UK 2019 Awards. That’s out of around 5,000 practices, we were top 20!

I firmly believe this is because of the time I have spent on selecting and coaching the very best people to spend my working day with. And they like it so much, they tend to stay.

My very first employee, Nikki, is still with me as Practice Manager, having spent her first day unpacking boxes and organising the pharmacy shelves the day before we opened for business twenty three years ago!

My two longest serving vets, Angie and Jean have been with me for twenty and twelve years respectively. And I have known the other two for equally long: Mialee since we were in the same year at Vet School, and Ali since she herself was training, and was a regular visitor to do work experience.

Our Head Nurse joined us twelve years ago, and two of my Registered Veterinary Nurses (RVN), both called Sarah share twenty-three years between them. We trained these, and RVN Denise, who is on eight years. Indie is our only RVN who arrived fully trained, seven years ago. Our newest RVN gave up a good career in retail to follow her dream and re-train as a nurse, and has already been with us for five years.

These highly skilled professionals choose to work with me, and I know how fortunate I am to have them on my team. I put down their longevity, in a profession where this is highly unusual, to our supportive work experience program, coaching and culture of nurturing each individual to be the best that they can be.

If you would like to know more about work experience, or just want to  meet us, why not join us at the Bolnore Village Summer Fete, where we will be running the fun dog show. See for details.

11th July 2019

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