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Julia’s Weekly Column For The Middy

Big-hearted Charlie embraces the Valentine’s spirit

A Haywards Heath grandmother was rescued by her miniature poodle after having a fall in her home recently. Mobility impaired Ann Salts was alone in her house with only her poodle Charlie to help her, but luckily he knew exactly what to do.

Ann recalled that Charlie seemed to know at once that she was in trouble. He was very distressed, but appeared to understand that Ann couldn’t move or get to the phone to call help.

“If he could have lifted me up he probably would have,” Ann said. “He tried over and over to help me get up, tugging so hard on my sleeve that he tore the button off. Obviously I am far too heavy for him to move, and I could have been lying there on the floor all night.”

Luckily, Charlie, who is never usually a yappy dog, knew that further help was needed for his beloved owner. He started to bark continuously, and kept up the noise for over an hour. Eventually a neighbour realised that something must be amiss in the household and contacted Ann’s daughter who lives nearby.

“I am so very grateful to Charlie – he is my little hero,” said Ann. “I am so proud that he knew what to do. My daughter came straight round to help once my neighbour got in touch after Charlie raised the alarm. Fortunately I am unhurt, but who knows what would have happened if I had been alone and had to stay on the floor all night?”

Ann shared the story a few days later with me, when Charlie came for his annual check up at The Mewes Vets, and immediately my whole team were hailing him as a hero.

I have known many working dogs, Guide Dogs, Assistance Dogs and Police Dogs perform fantastic feats, but this little fellow is just an untrained pet. It is another wonderful example of how intelligent and loving our companions can be, and a well-timed story as we approach Valentine’s Day! We are incredibly proud of Charlie, who is a gentle and lovable character, and grateful that Ann is safely back on her feet.

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