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Julia’s Weekly Middy Column

Are you free next Wednesday 30th September? I’ve got a big event coming up that I would love your support with…

I am getting a bit nervous now. I’ve booked the hairdresser, bought a pretty dress and written my speech, but I am still anxious. Next week I’m going to be one of the guest speakers at the HHDBA’s Annual Conference, and I’ve got the butterflies just thinking about it!

I joined the HHDBA (Haywards Heath and District Business Association) not because I have ever thought about myself as a business woman, but to show solidarity with other (real) businesses in the town. I love working in Haywards Heath, and am very proud of the town itself and the relationships I have built over time with so many local people, so I often attend or volunteer to steward at local events.

But addressing a roomful of real business suits at 9.45 in the morning – that’s another matter altogether. I have often spoken about my life as a Vet to interested groups in the past, when invited. I remember a particularly well attended WI meeting – in Hassocks, I think – where I gave my talk with my little son in a rocker beside me on the floor. I get on especially well with Cubs and Brownies, and have often talked to school students about careers in veterinary medicine.

I have even addressed some local Rotary Clubs and Lions Clubs in my role as former Chairman of the local hospital radio station, Mid-Downs Radio. But somehow this is different.

Should I tell a few jokes to break the ice? Like the one about the ‘Lab’ tests and the ‘Cat’ scan? Or how to get a pill down a pussy cat without ending up in hospital yourself?

Or maybe I should give an anecdote about my student days – perhaps the one about me walking across the famous tourist spot Great Court at Trinity College as a 3rd year student in my dressing gown, as that was the only way to access the showers?

What if no-one comes? Maybe no-one will be interested in my views on ‘Time for a Change’, and perhaps the other speaker on at the same time in another room will be more compelling? I will be talking about the changes I have made within my business that helped us to win our Customer Service Award at the Business Matters Awards last year. I just hope I can be interesting and entertaining, that’s all.If you would like to come and support me, you can find out more at hhdba.com. It’s on Wednesday September 30th from 9am to 4pm at Clair Hall in Haywards Heath. It would be great to see you there!

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