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Julia’s Weekly Column For The Middy – Cuddling Dogs

In times of crisis, remember ‘cuddling dogs’ – dogs can rarely resist cuddles! 

“Help! Scooby’s escaped!”

Scooby, the four month old beagle puppy that I was supposed to be looking after was racing towards the road. What should I do?

I was still at school, volunteering at a local dog kennels to improve my chances of getting

into vet school.

I loved this work, and learnt so much. It was fun giving all the dogs lots of cuddles,

but it was also hard work scrubbing and washing, hosing and cleaning.

But perhaps my most useful lesson involved Scooby. Like all beagles, he was very

independently minded, and found it a bit dull having to be in kennels at such a young age.

To make it up to him we used to let him out to play with us as we worked. He was the only

visitor allowed this privilege. He used to attack the broom as we swept, and catch the water

as we hosed. I think he amused us as much as we were entertaining him.

But one day he slipped out of the run and into the garden. The kennel owners were really

strict, and the kennel maid and I could have been in terrible trouble. There was no fencing

or gate between the garden and the country road outside. I had no idea what to do! My heart

was in my mouth imagining him running out under the wheels of a fast moving car.

But my companion knew just what to do. Instead of running after him, which would have

evolved into a game of chase that we could not win, she crouched down on the ground,

threw her arms out wide and called his name.

He couldn’t resist this invitation, and came hurtling back into her arms! I was very impressed,

and have since caught many a stray on the roads of Sussex using this clever technique.

This Saturday all dog owners can show off how fabulous their pets are by entering our

Mewes Vets Dog Show. This is part of the Haywards Heath Town Day and 999 Fun Day,

taking place between 11.30 and 5pm in Victoria Park. Mention start time for judging?

There will also be a Mounted Police display, Skate Jam, fairground, miniature railway and

over 40 stalls! Come and join in the fun.

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