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Julia’s Weekly Midsussex Column – How to protect your pets from common conditions

Our new health plans will help to protect your pets from common conditions in the Mid Sussex area

These last few weeks, I have been preparing new health plans to protect your pets against common health conditions in the Sussex area. They are now ready to launch, and we are very proud of them.

These health plans entitle pets to a variety of routine healthcare treatments, such as annual booster vaccinations, regular flea and worming prevention, and frequent check-up appointments. All pets on the plan also receive a 10% discount on everything else at The Mewes, including services, medications and even toys!

For a small monthly direct debit payment, you can rest assured that your pet will receive all the necessary appointments and treatments to keep them healthy and any problems at bay. We call this preventative healthcare – taking steps to ensure that animals are protected against the development of all the conditions that are prevalent in Mid Sussex.

Many common conditions that pets are susceptible to don’t show any obvious symptoms until the later stages, so it is much more effective to prevent their development rather than try and treat them once they have taken hold.

Specific tailored plans are available for dogs and cats, ensuring that pets receive the level of bespoke care they need.

Lungworm, which can affect dogs, is a particularly nasty condition. It is the only fatal parasite in the Sussex area, but the good news is that the condition can easily be prevented with the right treatment. Our new plans ensure that all pets receive the relevant protection against lungworm and other threats to their health; we even send you reminders when the next dose of their treatment is due.

All pets on the health plan also receive a health check at The Mewes every 6 months, and cats receive their annual vaccines against Flu, Enteritis and Leukaemia. Our doggy pals now receive their full vaccines every three years, but must still come in annually for the Leptospirosis vaccine, and all this is also included in the plan to protect your pets.

For more information about our new tailored health plans and how to protect your pet from conditions, please call a member of the team at The Mewes Vets on 01444 456886 or visit our Well Pet Page

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