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Pet first aid course

This is your last call to book a space on our Pet First Aid Course.

If you would like to join me on Monday 7th February to learn how to cope in a pet emergency, then email us at enquiries@themewes.co.uk to book your place.

The talk starts at 6.30pm, finishing at around 8pm. It will be held at The Yews Community Centre, Haywards Heath RH16 1BJ. Places are limited, and cost just £24. Tickets need to be pre-paid for by 31st January.

This month is international walk your dog month.

Last year a Royal Veterinary College study showed that one in fourteen dogs are overweight, and a Burgess Pet Care report suggested that the number is nearer to one in two.

But a good way to tackle those lockdown pounds and burn off the festive excesses is with regular walkies. However, some dog owners find they cannot make time in their lives for a walk. They are just too busy.

This international campaign aims to encourage dog owners to create that time, starting out small, and building up to enjoy the health benefits to both man and his best friend.

Exercising outside in winter helps with vitamin D conversion, which is vital for our immune systems and improves mood via endorphin release. It also reduces the risk of heart disease, high blood pressure and osteoarthritis, among other benefits.

But when the days are short we do need to be careful on our walkies.

If you cannot avoid gritted pavements, be sure to wash your pet’s paws down when they return home. That grit can be irritating to their pads and skin and cause painful sores. It’s also a good time to check for the early signs of Alabama Rot.

Be sure that you and your pet are wearing high-vis outfits, if your walkies needs to be after dark. I love the flashing LED collars that go around my Labrador’s neck, so that she is visible from every angle.

And if your dog has a thin coat and skin, consider a jersey or coat for warmth, unless they are very active when you take them outside.

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