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Raising funds for wildlife rescue

Do join us this Saturday for a free cup of mulled wine, a mince pie and the opportunity to raise funds for Rogers Wildlife Rescue.

Our Christmas Party takes place at The Mewes Vets, in our garden – so dress warmly! It’s this Saturday 4th December, starting at 11am. We will be announcing the twelve winners of our pet portrait competition, and launching our 2022 calendar featuring over one hundred local pets. We hope to sell as many as possible, as all the proceeds will be donated to Rogers Wildlife Rescue.

Roger and Fleur Musselle run Roger’s Wildlife Rescue from their home in Woodingdean, on the edge of Brighton. It is an entirely voluntary organisation, funded by donations from members of the public and by membership of a cd club.

“Roger has cared for injured wildlife all his life and from this Roger’s Wildlife Rescue has grown. Now we care for around 2000 creatures each year and release as many as possible back to the wild.

A large number of the creatures we care for are injured – small birds are prey for cats and sparrowhawks. Larger birds like herring gulls, and animals like foxes and hedgehogs, are often victims of road accidents. Other creatures can become entangled in garden netting or, horrifyingly, are victims of human cruelty. At Roger’s Wildlife Rescue we work closely with vets to help mend and treat these creatures and rehabilitate them successfully.

Other creatures we help are orphaned youngsters; fox and badger cubs, baby rabbits and squirrels in the spring, then nestling garden birds like blue tits, blackbirds, starlings and many more and, of course, numerous young herring gulls in the summertime. These babies are reared and released when the time is right.

At Roger’s Wildlife Rescue we also give out advice over the phone for treating foxes with mange and dealing with a vast range of wildlife problems.”

Obviously, vets, food and housing costs money, which is where you can help.

Everyone is welcome at our party. So come, buy lots of calendars or make a donation, and we can support this very important work.

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