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Freedom Day – however……..

*Please note that this weeks column in the Mid Sussex times was sent to print prior to us deciding to carry on operating as we have been since the start of the pandemic.

Since late March 2020 we have not allowed almost anyone other than team members into the Clinic.

Our wonderful, patient pet owners have given us their trust. And we are extremely grateful for that trust.

We have left them outside, whilst gently bringing their pets indoors for their safe veterinary care.

It has been exceptionally challenging. 

Not just the days when it was extremely cold, or wet, standing outside freezing. Not even the day I was trying to have a discussion whilst hail crashed onto the temporary plastic cover over my head. Not even losing my voice after projecting over a two metre gap all day could stop us from continuing to provide the level of service that we know your pets deserve.

Team members have had to learn to manage a new voice-over-internet phone system, which has not always behaved perfectly. We thanked our lucky stars that we have a cloud-based computer system for our patient’s records, allowing us to remote work more easily.

But making medical decisions without actually laying hands on a pet was another special challenge.

And who would have thought that I would become an expert at remote meetings!

As you know, we have decided not to open the clinic up to clients just yet in order to keep staff and clients safe as case numbers continue to rise in the area.

Our priority now is not to have any team member forced to self isolate at this late stage. Every team member is vital to the service that we provide. And unexpected absences mean cancelled appointments.

We appreciate your continuing understanding and support.

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