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New Parasiticides

A few months ago, I was horrified to read that there was evidence that pet flea products were contaminating our British waterways.

As anti-flea medications are specifically designed to target insects, this poses a risk to aquatic ecosystems. Researchers at the University of Sussex have found concentrations often far exceeded accepted safe limits.

As an avid tree hugger and animal lover this news really upset me. I vowed then and there to reduce my Clinic’s contribution to this contamination.

There were two products tested, one that I had chosen for my patients in the past, and the one that I was currently recommending to all my patients.

And it seems that they were both capable of doing damage to local ecosystems, particularly to insect life that birds and other wildlife depend upon. Worse still, our bees and beautiful butterflies could be coming to harm.

So, I am delighted to announce a major change at The Mewes Vets. From now on we will be upgrading our recommendation of flea and other parasite protection to products that I have resourced which will hopefully have a less damaging effect on our environment.

For dogs, our new product is an upgrade. It is a convenient monthly chew, which can be given with or without food. It kills fleas fast before they can lay eggs, and offers protection against both lungworm and roundworm, and additionally provides tick protection.

For cats, we are changing our spot-on product to one with a lower volume, making it easier to apply. It will upgrade all our cats to receiving tick, mites and lice protection, as well as all the other important parasites too.

We will still offer personalised parasite programmes for every patient. All team members are trained to identify the particular risks and circumstances of your pet’s lifestyle, and offer the best parasite protection choices for that lifestyle, in the most cost-effective manner.

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