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Guinea Pig Awareness Week (GPAW) Special Offer

Next week will be the first ever Guinea Pig Awareness Week.

At The Mewes Vets we are blessed to have many team members who love guinea pigs, and are confident with their medical concerns. But we have two who are passionate and proud guinea pig owners themselves.

In fact, our vet Ali and our vet nurse Diane are both a little bit gaga about guinea pigs.

Guinea pigs are small pets, but a big commitment. They often live for six to eight years.

You need a suitable environment for them to live in, which would ideally include access to fresh air and sunshine. Just like us, they need daylight to get sufficient vitamin D activated. They also have a very high requirement for vitamin C, which cannot be satisfied by rabbit food only.

They are enchanting pets, usually happy to be petted and stroked. They will interact and let you know how they feel with squeaks and purrs.

They have individual personalities. Many are nervous of new experiences, so that they need to be allowed to get used to changes gradually.

In the wild they would live in large groups. They like to play and gossip with each other, so they should not be kept as solo pets.

I do not recommend a rabbit and a guinea pig as companions for one another.

Guinea pigs have very stringent dietary needs, but once the correct food is being offered, they are generally not prone to many health problems, and do not need vaccinations or regular health checks as a general rule, unlike rabbits. 

If you own a guinea pig, or are thinking of getting one soon, here is a special offer for you:

Registered Veterinary Nurse Diane will answer all your questions, and offer you her tips for good husbandry and pig-care, free of charge during Guinea Pig Awareness Week from 22nd-28th March. 

Just call our pig-loving team on 01444 456886 to arrange a phone or video consultation.

And don’t forget to send us your guinea pig portraits – who knows your picture may crop up on our Social Media.

Let’s get talking all things guinea pig.

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