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The first ever national guinea pig awareness week

I truly dislike using a microscope.

When I was a student, I had to learn.

I spent many hours a week in my first few years at Vet School attempting to identify specific cells, and then specific illnesses, germs and parasites. But unfortunately, it always set off my motion sickness, making it hard to concentrate.

So I was truly surprised when one of our senior veterinary nurses piped up in a staff meeting and asked her colleagues to give her more cases to diagnose using our in-house microscope.

In particular, she had developed an ambition to identify her first rabbit ear mite or Psoroptes cuniculi.

She had heard that they have a particular way of moving their limbs when under the microscope that can look like they are waving at the viewer.

But of course, she also knew that making the diagnosis would support a poor rabbit suffering with sore ears to get the correct treatment as briskly as possible. I feel very fortunate to have colleagues to whom I can delegate all the in-house microscopy tasks.

For many years now we have supported rabbit awareness week, which occurs in June, at the Mewes Vets.

So we are excited to find that the first ever Guinea Pig Awareness Week is being launched next month.

We have a number of team members who are avid advocates of guinea pig care and welfare. Together we are working out how best to celebrate their awareness week.

To help us, we would love you, our guinea pig owners, to send us as many photos as you can manage, and short clip videos too, please. It might be of them resting, cuddling or doing something cute. Guinea pigs are especially good at this.

We will use these to illustrate and celebrate this adorable species, and to highlight their special needs as pets.

Please forward your images and clips to enquiries@themewes.co.uk – For the attention of Helen, with your permission to share, then keep an eye on our social media during GPAW guinea pig awareness week between 22nd – 28th March.

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