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Plans change

Tomorrow I was expecting to be a zoo-keeper for the day at Drusillas Park.

It was a gift for a recent birthday. I’m still a big child inside, and the opportunity to get up close and personal with creatures I usually only get to see from a distance would have meant a lot to me.

But, like everyone else, my plans have to be postponed.

At the time of going to press, I still do not know quite how this current lockdown will affect the veterinary services we are permitted to provide to our patients for the next four weeks. But, rest assured, we will continue to be there in whatever capacity is permitted, still doing our very best for the pets under our care.

There is no need to panic-buy. In the first lockdown we were able to provide all medications and food for pets who needed them, so I am sure this will be the case again now.

We have been providing contact-free payment and repeat prescriptions for the last seven months, so this will easily continue.

Please keep an eye on our Facebook page The Mewes Vets, for regular updates.

And once this is all over, I will still get to be a zoo-keeper for a day.

Drusillas Park was one of my favourite days out when my son was small. But, like many children he would hurry through the live animal exhibits, wanting to spend hours just playing in the amazing play area.

Given the choice, I would linger all day around the animal enclosures. Even the little mice in their doll’s house enchanted me. I loved to read every word about each species, and try out all the challenges.

As a zoo-keeper for the day, I imagine I will be mostly sweeping up or cleaning out droppings, and cutting up food. I suspect there will be some odours that might not be polite to mention, and that not every creature will wish to make my acquaintance.

But ever since I was tiny I have been fascinated by every kind of animal. Whether it’s an otter or a bat, a lemur or porcupine, I can’t wait to meet them.

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