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Great News

At last! I can report something of a return to our former levels of service.

Since late March we have been responding to various guidelines from the government and
our own veterinary professional bodies. But now we are permitted to see all cases that need
us, as long as we can create a safe environment to do so.

I have invited my entire team back from furlough to support us on this mission.
For the first few weeks of lockdown we had just 4 team members manning the clinic, whilst
others supported remotely. I would like to say a huge thank you to our vet Jean, and RVNs
Laura and Emily who bravely set aside their own anxieties about potential infection to help
the sick and injured pets of Mid Sussex still receive a basic veterinary service.

Soon after that our vet, Ali re-joined the team. We became experts at writing online
prescriptions – twelve hundred in around ten days. This enabled us to continue providing
essential lungworm, flea and anti-parasitics to our pets on our plan. We did this via a home
delivery system, absorbing the cost to support the ‘Stay at Home’ effort.

Then Ali and I learnt how to be a receptionist, a nurse and a general gopher. It will stand us
in good stead for the future, I am sure! With just six people, we continued to man the phones
and see the most urgent of cases.

But now it is time at last to welcome back our fourth vet, Mialee. She is re-joining us again
from Monday 15th with the specific task of helping us catch up the back-log of less urgent
cases, vaccines and procedures that until now we have been prevented from performing.

I would like to thank all our patient clients, who have been stalwart in their support.
And I would like to thank my whole team. Both those that soldiered on through the crisis and
worked, and those who were forced to sit it out at home. Neither had it easy.

Sadly, we still cannot permit any clients onto our premises, until the government drops the
alert level. But, with your understanding, we can provide a more extensive service to our
patients at last.

If your pet has an outstanding problem or vaccination – please call for an appointment.

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