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Pet Owners are COVID heroes too

My team are so impressed.

Pet owners all over Mid Sussex are stepping up to the mark in a way that has amazed us.

In the normal world, we vets and vet nurses deal with hundreds of pet problems, many of which are quite minor. We are happy to help – it’s what we are there for.

But in our current COVID-norm, we are specifically forbidden from seeing routine pet care appointments. The British Veterinary Association has written clear guidance that appointments such as claw clippings and clearing anal glands are not to be seen, unless there is a real welfare issue.

It feels really alien to only be able to give advice over the phone. Not just like having one hand tied behind our backs, but both hands!

In the normal world we might see one anal gland abscess in a pet every six weeks or so. Yet, incredibly, we dealt with three on one day recently, and all without the pets actually leaving their homes!

Anal glands are the little scenting glands that pets have near their rear ends. They should naturally clear with each bowel movement, leaving a little liquid scent message for others to sniff out. 

But if something is not quite right and they fail to clear, it does not take long for them to be uncomfortably over full. At this point they should ideally be cleared as the pet becomes uncomfortable and may scoot, rub or chew.

Sometimes this situation progresses to an infection, which then bursts through the skin in a very smelly mess.

In just one day we dealt with this situation three times. And each time the pet owner stepped up, following instructions to clip and cleanse the fur, bathe the delicate area and even ensure that all the muck was safely out.

Hats off to those pet owners: you are the heroes to us!

Good news: we are now permitted to maintain vaccine status in young pets. So if you have a new puppy, kitten or rabbit do call us any afternoon next week on 01444 456886 for your appointment. We are also prioritising vaccines for pets of fifteen months old, as this is the most vital vaccine of all.

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