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The New Corona-Norm

The whole country is adapting to a new norm.

At the Mewes Vets our priorities are to follow guidelines, stay at home, protect the NHS and to care for our pet patients’ health and welfare.

To achieve this we have had to make changes to our normal routines.

Our professional body, the British Veterinary Association, has advised us that this means we can only physically examine pets who are suffering a genuine emergency or urgent medical problem.

So we are providing free of charge nurse consultations over the phone or by video. If the nurse cannot help, our vets are available to consult by phone or video at the reduced charge of £25 including VAT. 

If the result of all these efforts is that, despite the strict instructions, a pet must be physically examined, we have found a way to provide contactless consultations at the clinic. We do this by communicating with pet owners exclusively by phone, or outside at a two metre distance, then taking only the pet themselves into the clinic building for their examination.

In this way we can still keep our team and their families relatively protected from coronavirus infection, and protect our pet owners too. So we can still provide the loving care that sick or injured pets will be needing.

We have staff available to answer the phone, for emergencies only, all night and until 10am.

We have staff on site every weekday from 10am until 6.30pm, and 12.30 on Saturdays.

We are still able to provide pet food and medications. We would request three working days’ notice for these orders. Please plan to pick them up from the Clinic between 4.30 and 5.30pm each weekday.

Best of all, every pet on our plan (VIP) will receive their regular three-monthly anti-parasitics by post at no extra charge for the next three months. I have sponsored the cost of the postage to support the message: stay at home!

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