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Crying over the corona crisis

My heart is breaking.

I joined the veterinary profession to care for those that cannot express their pain – animals. 

When I completed my training and proudly joined the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons I took an oath. 

In a public ceremony I solemnly promised that above all, my “constant endeavour will be to ensure the health and welfare of animals committed to my care”. And this was no light statement. It has been at the centre of my whole life, at home and at work. I didn’t need a promise to ensure this, it is how I am made.

In setting up the Mewes Vets, I surrounded myself with a team of like-minded veterinary professionals. We have all committed our lives and careers to caring for pets.

But now we are prevented from doing so.

The British Veterinary Association, in consultation with government has issued extremely strict and clear criteria about what we are permitted to see, and what cases must wait. We are struggling to adapt our minds from seeing any patient who even might be suffering or in pain, to only physically seeing those that might die without our care.

Many of my team, myself included were reduced to tears as we understood the impact of this restriction. 

We must comply, as every citizen must. We are all complying to protect our NHS, but it is heart-breaking.

We will continue, as always to do our best. 

We may not be able to invite you to the Clinic for your pet to be physically examined, except in the most dire of emergencies, but we can still offer support from a safe distance. 

We are on the end of the phone for our pet owners. You can still pick our brains. We can accept emailed photos of pet problems, or consult using video technology. Checking in with one of our nurses will be free of charge. A remote vet consultation will cost just £25.

The rules about prescribing without actually having physically examined a pet have been relaxed, so we can carefully prescribe medications and offer short-term care advice. 

We are maintaining a list of pets that need urgent appointments once the restrictions end.

We are still here for you and your pet. Call us on 01444 456886, if you need us.

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