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The Mewes vets launch online booking service

It was just getting dark on Sunday evening a few weeks ago when Smokey’s owner, Sue, heard the cat flap.

Later Sue went to put the kettle on and noticed a few specks of blood on the kitchen floor. She found Smokey curled up as usual on her bed, and saw a little more blood on the sheet

They enjoyed a cuddle together, and Sue checked her over. There was a small wound on one paw, which had now stopped bleeding, but otherwise Smokey seemed really bright and cheerful. She wasn’t even limping, and she’d scoffed a bowl of cat food that was waiting for her when she came in.

Sue decided that it was clearly not an emergency. She would get the wound checked the next day, and went to get the phone number off the website.

It was then that she noticed the new ‘Book Now’ button on our website.

One click, and she was choosing which of our lovely vets she wanted to see the next day.

When she came in the next day for her appointment, Sue let me know what a relief it was to go to bed that night knowing that Smokey’s appointment for Monday morning was already confirmed. She was able to sleep better with that already sorted, at a convenient time.

It turned out that Smokey had had an altercation with another puss in the area, and been bitten into the pad. Sue’s prompt action allowed me to offer antibiotics and a little pain relief, as it was starting to swell up and turn nasty.

If you would like to book your next appointment at The Mewes Vets online, visit our website themewesvets.co.uk, our Facebook page, Instagram, Twitter and also just by searching for us on google. It’s great for routine appointments to select the day and time and vet you want, and for being sure of that urgent appointment.

But don’t forget, our lovely caring team will still be available to you by phone as well. If your pet’s problem is more complex, or you are not sure how urgent it is, you can still call on 01444 456886 for advice, day or night.

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