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Planning your pet’s Staycation

With the uncertainties of Brexit, how will you holiday this summer?

 PETS passports may become invalid and new requirements may need to be put in place as a result of Brexit before our pets can easily travel abroad again. Many of us will be planning to leave our pets in the UK this summer, rather than risk a problem at the border.

 If you do want to use a kennel for your beloved dog, how do you choose the right one?

 Be aware that the best ones are always well booked up months ahead, so start planning now. Look online, and check their testimonials are positive, and that they are registered with the local Council. They should have insurance and risk assessments so that staff are aware what to do if a pet falls ill or if there is an emergency.

 The most important part then is to visit the kennels.

 As a Vet, I can see when dirt has been crusted in for months. I look at the drains and plug holes. If these are being kept clean then I feel there is strong leadership on hygiene.

 I want to know how often my dog would be being exercised for, where and for how long. It is also important to me that she is not exposed to risk from aggression or disease. Ask what is the kennel’s policy on mixing strange dogs and on vaccination. If they are not too worried about my dog’s vaccination, what other corners are they cutting?

 Ask to see the forms that you will be filling in if you book. They should include your instructions on who they should contact if your pet is unwell, who your regular vet is, and details of your pet’s recent vaccinations, and parasite treatments.

 As you are shown around, check out the staff. Do they seem loving and gentle towards the dogs they are caring for? Are they showing an interest, asking questions and making notes about her food preferences, and foibles? Are they trained in First Aid?

 Then you can book with confidence and enjoy your holidays.

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