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For us, every day is Animal Day!

My regular readers will know that I am a bit bonkers about animals.

I was the one at school called to rescue a bat swimming in the toilet. I still carry the scar on my arm from when, as a child, I came across a horse in a field tangled in barbed wire. I successfully disentangled it, whilst simultaneously protecting it from a gash, only to acquire one of my own when it kicked out a little. I was the mad teenager cycling ten miles each way for a chance to exercise someone else’s pony.

To say that I have dedicated my whole life and career to animals is not an understatement. I also have surrounded myself by people within my team who are equally passionate and caring. So it almost seems weird to find that today is World Animal Day. For us, every day is Animal Day!

It is celebrated on 4th October as this is the annual Feast Day of St Francis of Assisi. St Francis was one of my early role models. Along with Johnny Morris, who used to  ‘speak’ for the animals on his TV show ‘Animal Magic’ and Jacques Costeau who was passionate about the under-water world, I could really relate them. Even now, I often speak not only to, but as if ‘for’ the pets I see in my consulting room.

To support World Animal Day, I would like to encourage my readers to sign up for one of our inexpensive and potentially life-saving first aid courses. We have a 90 minute Pet first aid course on 22nd October for just £24, and a more intensive 3 hour Dog first aid for canine professionals on the 19th November at £66. 

If, like me, you love your pets, and are passionate about all animals, do spare a short amount of your time to come and learn how to potentially save a life. I keep it fun and simple. And you will definitely feel more confident in an emergency as a result.

In my recent First Aid courses, I had several comments: “Every pet owner should do this course!”

To learn more, go to The Mewes Events Page

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