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Studying in the sun

Exactly 30 years ago it was my last summer holiday before leaving school.

I had made a commitment to work towards entry to Vet School, and was due to sit the Cambridge University entrance examinations in a few short months’ time.

I had thought about this decision very carefully, trying to imagine other lifestyles, and what it might mean to dedicate my life to the welfare of animals. I had spent a day with a local Vet, and been completely hooked by his calm approach to so many different kinds of pet and problem.

I had aced my O-levels, refusing to notice all distractions during the months leading up to the exams. My reward was straight As, the final confirmation I needed that I might be bright enough to actually succeed. I had even sat my Head Mistress down in her own study to persuade her to amend the whole school timetable so that I could study for four A-levels instead of only the usual three.

So in July 1988 I was lying in the sun in my parent’s back garden once again ignoring all distractions. I had a reading list that my school had provided to help with the Oxbridge entrance, and was ploughing my way through books on Philosophy and Literature, Anthropology and History, and I decided that my favourite author, if asked would be Oscar Wilde, as my father had a copy of his complete works on his shelf, which Iread and loved.

All this, and I recall none of it being of any use in the interview! However, the summer time was obviously well spent, as, somehow, I persuaded those interviewers to take a risk and let me in!

If you would like to enjoy a more traditional summer past-time of visiting a local Village Fete, then do join us at Bolnore this Saturday. We will be running the Dog Show, with 5 great classes, wonderful prizes and tons of rosettes. It is a lovely event for all ages and breeds of dog, with their whole families too. We will be taking entries from 2.30pm, at £2 per class, and the judging starts at 3pm. Do join us!

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