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Help! It’s flooding everywhere!

I was giving one of my First Aid Courses, and we were discussing what to do if a pet has an arterial haemorrhage. I explained how the bright red blood will fountain out, at a rate in time with the heart beat, and how it can spray a remarkable distance at first.

This reminded me of an emergency I once had at home.

Some years ago my husband and I had had our kitchen refurbished.

As a special treat he chose an American style fridge freezer with a chilled water/ice dispenser. This device was connected to our home’s cold water supply via a filter which needed changing.

I gently moved the monstrous machine away from the wall and turned the little stopcock to prevent the flow of water. I then detached the rubber pipe from the old filter.

Instantly I was being squirted with cold water under pressure!

I could not believe it! Soaking wet, I fiddled with the stopcock, but with every passing moment more water was being indiscriminately sprayed around my recently painted kitchen.

Remembering my First Aid, I grabbed the end of the flailing white pipe and pinched it shut, slowing the flow to a trickle. I now had time to notice I was very wet and cold, the kitchen now sported an enormous lake, the ornaments were dripping and I did not have a plan. At least no-one was actually haemorrhaging, but it still did not look good!

I was alone, and if I let go of the pipe more water would flood out.

Luckily there was a phone within reach. I dialled a neighbour who promised to come at once. I directed him to the kitchen door, which I could open without releasing my grip.

To my horror, he sent his teenage son, which only added to my distress as I was doing an excellent impression of a wet t-shirt entrant! But at least he knew where the house’s main stop cock was and saved me any further soaking!

If you would like to learn how to save a pet in an emergency, go to themewesvets.co.uk/events for dates.

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