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Amputation of a hind leg in standard Poodle & your last chance to enter our Pet Portrait Competition

I met my first canine amputee when I was a third year student.

As an apricot Standard Poodle, Stanley had a natural grace and dignity hard to match. His chin was always up, and he seemed to survey his world from a superior position.

The first time I met him he was lame on his back leg, unable to put any weight on it.

I was seeing practice with his GP Vet. An x-ray revealed that, very sadly, he had bone cancer. This is a painful disease, causing multiple tiny fractures through the bone every day.

It can also be highly malignant, with a real risk of spreading into the rest of his body from the bone in his hind leg where it had originated.

The sad decision was taken to amputate as soon as possible, to give him as much chance of life as possible. I think we all shed some tears for him that night.

What impressed me was seeing him two days later at his post-operative check.

After the operation

Despite considerable bruising, and an enormous incision, his chin was still up. He seemed to be calmly accepting his new tripod status, as well as my delighted cuddles.

I have now known many ‘Paralympians’, all of whom have risen above their adversity.

But Stanley will always remain in my heart and memory as a gentleman who accepted his illness and our care with such dignity.

Celebrate your pet by entering our Pet Portrait competition

It’s almost your last chance to enter this year’s exciting Pet Portrait competition.

Send your favourite animal photos to Georgie on ga.themewes@gmail.com for a chance to feature in our 2018

Calendar and help raise funds for Smokey Paws Ltd.

This not for profit organisation is providing specialist oxygen masks for pets to the Fire Service, allowing them to save more pets caught in house fires, which I think is a brilliant plan!

The overall winner will receive £100 in your pet’s choice of food, plus be crowned Mr or Miss Front Page, and there are 11 other prizes for monthly top shots.

The closing date is this Saturday 28th October at midnight – so get snapping and make sure your pet says cheese!

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