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The crying cat – Part 2

Last week, I described the arrival of Alfie at the Clinic with a life threatening urethral obstruction.

He was crying out in agony, with a bladder overfilled and on the point of rupturing.

Luckily, Alfie, a fine black and white feline, was sensibly insured, and thoughts of the cost were not an issue. I hate to think what his future might have been if not.

After a combination of tests, including x-rays and an ultrasound scan, we were able to confirm that he had one bladder stone stuck in his urethra, with many more waiting to be a problem in his bladder. Luckily, he was in his prime, and had not yet suffered any irreversible kidney damage as a result of the obstruction.

Under anaesthetic, we carefully pushed the offending stone out of his tubing and back into the bladder, then opened him up to remove as many of the stones as we could. However, there was always the risk that some will not be removed, or more will form. We monitored him like hawks for the next few days, ensuring he was passing urine normally again, and were relieved when the stone analysis confirmed that he had the form of stones that can be dissolved with a specialist diet.

We now regularly check his urine pH and the presence of infection and crystals, both of which can predispose him to starting fresh stones again. We also help his owner to ensure that he drinks significantly more than a regular cat may feel he wants. This has the benefit of flushing out any mini-stones as they start to form. We are hopeful that he need never run the risk of going this this ghastly, painful experience again, with our help.

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