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Haywards Heath Town Day Dog Show is a day for everyone, so come along!

You meet all kinds of folk at a community event.

One happy meeting a few years ago, was with Caspar and his delightful owner Cathy.

He loved to steal food, but never stole his own dog biscuits, even if they were left out by mistake. He was a dreadful thief, very food orientated, so sadly inclined to being tubby, just like Winnie the Pooh.

A few months earlier he had hurt his back, and needed major spinal surgery at the Orthopaedic specialists. He was prescribed cage rest, with no outings, but he became distraught when the other two dogs set out on their walks without him.
Cathy decided he needed to be allowed to join in, so she got online and found a dog buggy. It took him three days to gain the confidence to carefully climb aboard. But then she was able to push him out on walks, as long as she was supremely careful not to allow him to tip over and damage his healing spine.

So this is how he joined us at the Haywards Heath Town Day Dog Show that year: enthroned in his red buggy.

Cathy noticed an Assistance Dog also visiting the show with a wheelchair user, and in that moment realised: she was Caspar’s Assistance Person!

I wonder what wonderful people and pups I will meet at this year’s Dog Show?
Haywards Heath Town Day is this Saturday 9th September, in Victoria Park, just behind my Clinic. All dogs (and their families) are welcome. Come along early and pose for Woody’s Pets Portraits, buy a shot online, and help raise funds for local charity Paws and Claws.
Entries for the Dog show will be taken from 12 noon, with judging at 1.15pm. Classes include ‘Scruffiest Dog’ and ‘Waggiest Tail’, culminating in the hotly contested ‘Best in Show’ a final for all the First Prize winners of the afternoon.

Each class costs £2 to enter, and there are loads of prizes and rosettes to win. To read more go to www.themewesvets.co.uk/events.

Do join us, no pedigree required!

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