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BB’s story: a complex little person, Part 1

For this story, I am handing over to Clive, a long standing client:

“We rescued BB when she was about a year old.  A mix of Chihuahua and Norfolk terrier, she is as soft as a marshmallow, until crossed.

“At only 3 years of age BB had needed both her cruciate ligaments repaired. This markedly improved her mobility at the time, but we were advised that she also already had arthritis in her hips, and enlarged spinal discs which could all cause problems later.

“The arthritis did eventually get worse, even with the addition of Glucosamine and fish oil products in her diet. Reducing mobility brought another problem: obesity. Whilst this made her a very cuddly lap dog, it brought with it other risks.

“At 8 years old she developed diabetes, requiring regular twice daily insulin injections. We had just got this under control when she started showing significant problems getting up in the morning. She was stiff and uncomfortable first thing, or after a lie down, and she became quite reluctant to go out for her normal walk. This in turn meant she was gaining more weight, which was not good for her diabetes or her activity levels.

“Julia suspected that her back, hips and previously operated stifles were all stiffening with advancing arthritis.

“But not exercising was the worst thing for her, of course. Not only were her joints tending to stiffen up even more without exercise, but also her diabetes treatment was likely to get upset. Things got so bad that I invested in a little papoose, so I could carry her safely out to enjoy the fresh air, but this could not go on. To be continued next week…..

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