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Julia’s Weekly Column For The Middy

Look after your pet’s pearly whites this National Pet Smile Month

“Yuk! Jazzie, your breath stinks!”

I was trying to have a lie-in one quiet Sunday morning, but my husband had left a door open, allowing my 2 year old Labrador Jazzie to sneak in illegally. At least she hadn’t leapt onto the bed!

Poor Jazzie didn’t take offence at being spoken to so rudely, but just continued to smile at me, resting her chin on the edge of my bed, gazing lovingly into my eyes. I suspect that all she cared about was that I got up and played with her.

I continued to try to doze, and she continued to send wafts of hot smelly breath into my face. Gradually the conscious thought surfaced that really her breath should not smell that bad! I rolled over and tried to shut off my mind. Perhaps she had eaten something unmentionable, or had a bit of food caught between her teeth?

Eventually I couldn’t stand it any more. Getting up, I had a good look round her mouth in the early morning light. Her lovely two year old teeth were all shiny and white with good healthy gums, except one. This particular tooth was visibly damaged, sheared right through the crown and part was missing.

It was odd how unfussed she was. The stink in her mouth was awful, but she had given no sign of pain when she broke it, nor since, whilst it became infected and foul which must have taken weeks. She was happy to play fetch, eat, go for a run – she was up for it all.

The next day I extracted the broken infected tooth under general anaesthetic and – touch wood – her mouth has remained fresh and healthy ever since. I never did find out how her tooth broke, though.

If your pet’s mouth stinks, or they have not had a dental check up for some years, then now is the time to act! It is National Pet Smile Month, and at The Mewes Vets we are currently offering a free dental health check for every pet. And if you are worrying about the potential cost of a dental procedure, act now as we are doing them at 10% off until the end of June.

Even better, pets on our Well Pet Plan also get an additional 10% off – that’s a total of 20% off our regular prices in June only! Go to www.themewesvets.co.uk/services/plans/well-pet-plans to find out how to sign up for a Plan, or call us on 01444 456886 to make an appointment.

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