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Julia’s Weekly Column For The Middy

Bringing your cat to the vet doesn’t have to be a stressful experience with our new cat-only clinics!

This National Pet Month, The Mewes Vets are launching a new unique service: the first Cat Only Clinics in Mid Sussex.

Cat owners often comment about how stressful it is to bring their feline friends into the Clinic. They would like their visit to be more relaxed and enjoyable, without the company of inquisitive and intimidating canines.

Cats have unique needs. Some are not comfortable around dogs, especially as many dogs are not at all shy about getting up close and personal in the Vets reception area. Many of us have feline friends who are used to living without a canine companion, and more often than not they may even be afraid of them.

If your cat does get upset, they can experience a surge of adrenaline and high stress levels. This can make their appointment with the Vet much more upsetting than it needs to be, affects blood test results, and may even put you and your Vet at risk from flying claws and teeth.

We have lots of tricks and tips on how to make the challenge of placing your pet into a cat carrier and safely transporting them to the Clinic – go to www.mewesvetoffer.co.uk to read more on this. But now we can make their experience much less stressful by offering a unique service: the Cat Only Clinic.

Three times a week, our Vet Jean (who has additional qualifications in Feline Medicine over and above the MRCVS that all Vets achieve) will offer a set period of appointments dedicated solely to cats.

There will be no dogs present, and no canine noses thrusting themselves near the felines. All of our nursing team are specially trained in understanding the unique requirements of individual cats, including their handling; how to recognise fear and anxiety; and skills to avoid the need to scruff an upset pet or resort to heavy-handedness. Our rooms will be fresh, with no doggy smells or bright lights to upset sensitive types. Plus we have all the usual high standards you would expect from our in-house laboratory, operating theatre and hospital for fabulous felines.

We will use plug-in Feliway© diffusers which transmit calming pheromone messages to cats, and we will encourage our dog owners still to pop in, but at another time.

From kitten to cat, this new service will ensure that your pet will be as calm as possible before their treatment, ensuring their safety as well as that of the Vet. Hissing and scratching will be a thing of the past!

The Cat Only Clinics will be on Wednesdays from 5 to 6pm, Thursdays from 2.30 to 3.30pm and Fridays from 9 to 10am.

If you would like to bring your cat in to meet our feline expert for no extra fee, with the guarantee that no dogs will be present, call us at The Mewes on 01444 456886.

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