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Are your dog’s microchip details up to date?

New legislation becoming effective on 1st April will make it an offence to not have your dog microchipped. Additionally, you must ensure your contact details are correct: outdated information could incur another fine.

We have attended many events recently such as the Plumpton College Open Day, the South of England Autumn Show & Game Fair, and local dog shows where we have offered a ‘check-a-chip’ service, which also ensures that the details held on the central pet database are correct and up to date.

We are amazed by how often dog owners who are confident that all is well have to be contacted by us to let them know that one or more of their details is incorrect. Often over 50% of the microchips we check at these events have information that needs to be updated.

It is now very simple to update your personal details online, which should be done whenever you move house, change your mobile phone or switch email address. If you are not sure how to check, or have lost your registration details, feel free to pop into The Mewes Vets where one of my nursing team will be happy to help you sort it out. We do not want you falling foul of the law!

But if your pet is new to you, or somehow you have never got around to getting a microchip installed, now is the time to act. It is an almost painless procedure, and my team have become very skilled at distracting little ones (and big ones too!) from noticing the needle. It only takes a moment.

If your furry friend needs to have a chip fitted, why not take advantage of our special offer? For just £19.50 (including VAT), your pet could receive a high quality microchip inserted by our gentle nurse in a safe environment; your details stored on the Petlog database; a full nurse led health check; and an engraved dog tag too. Don’t hesitate to book your appointment – failing to have a microchip installed by 1st April 2016 may result in a fine of £500.

This offer also applies to other species for whom we also recommend microchips: cats, rabbits and valuable birds and reptiles. To book your appointment with one of our friendly nurses, call 01444 456886.

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