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Our next Frist Aid courses

“The rabbits are fighting! There’s blood everywhere!”

Rabbits look so cute, you’d never think how very aggressive they can be towards one

I have seen some very nasty injuries, especially when two boys have a disagreement.
On this occasion sharp teeth and claws had ripped little Thumper on one of his ears, and
between his hindlegs.

There was something pink dangling from his wounds, and more worryingly, blood was
spurting from his ears.

Luckily his owner knew some first aid, and immediately applied compression to the torn skin.
Poor Thumper would never be quite the same again. A particularly aggressive scrape from
his brother’s hind claw had unmanned him on one side. Hence the unexpected pink object
now visible between his thighs, and our only option was to complete the process and
castrate him.

Sadly, we felt it was safest to separate the two brothers in future, condemning them to a solo
lifestyle, unless we could introduce some female companionship. Obviously we would make
sure all parties were pre-neutered. The family did not want to start with two rabbits and end
up with a warren-full!

Learning about first aid puts us in a much better position to act sensibly and appropriately in
an emergency.

Thumper could have bled to death before he got to us. But he was saved by his owner’s

Book now to join one of our upcoming pet first aid courses, in early October.
We have a three hour course on the evening of October 3rd which includes hands-on
practice of cardiac massage and a short examination to pass before receiving your
certificate. This is particularly for those that take responsibility for other people’s loved pets,
such as dog walkers, sitters and groomers, but we have trained many pet owners as well.
If you prefer a shorter theory only talk, this is on Monday October 10th at 6.30pm. Both are
held at The Yews Community Centre, 55 Boltro Road, Haywards Heath, RH16 1BJ.

All places must be pre-booked at least seven days ahead, so phone 01444 456886 to book
your place now.

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