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Lucy’s Law

Next Monday is the May Day Bank Holiday, the first of May.

And this means the Cuckoo Fayre in Cuckfield.

Always an extremely well supported event, we will be there once again to run the fun dog show.

There will be a wide selection of classes for those with and without pedigrees. See

themewesvets.co.uk/events for full details. It would be great to see you, your family, and of course

your canine companions there.


It’s next Monday, 1st May with entries being taken from 12 noon, and judging starting at 1pm, on

The Recreation Ground, Cuckfield RH17 5EN.

Last week I shared some of the warning signs to look out for when choosing a kitten or puppy.

This was after meeting up with a colleague, Marc Abraham OBE. Marc is a vet, author, and the

campaigner who fought for 10 years to successfully change legislation to ban third-party commercial

puppy and kitten sellers, make all breeders accountable, and help end cruel puppy farming for profit

over welfare; known as ‘Lucy’s Law’.

When buying a puppy (or kitten), top tips include seeing the pups with their mother (now the law

since April 2020), and not a ‘fake’ mum who is disinterested in the pups. Don’t be fobbed off by a

story as to why mum is not there as this will indicate an illegal sale.

Also, don’t accept a puppy without evidence that they are over eight weeks old, and he or she must

be accompanied by the relevant official paperwork confirming chipping, vaccines, worming, etc.

If in doubt, enter the breeder’s name and contact details (especially mobile number) into a search

engine. If they pop up repeatedly selling many litters in a short space of time, this is a massive red

flag for a puppy farmer or unscrupulous dealer.

And if you feel you are being rushed or pressurised, ask yourself why, and then back off. You are

making a commitment for that little one’s life, as well as helping to safeguard the life of his or her

mother. A few days shouldn’t matter to a responsible breeder.

For full details search for ‘Lucy’s Law’, where they are listed on the gov.uk website news.

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