How we're responding to COVID-19

Update - 27.3.2020

The RCVS has advised us that all vets can only provide  "urgent treatment and emergency care where animal welfare would be compromised by delaying for" the three week government restrictions. This means that if a pet is seriously unwell and delaying treatment for 3 weeks could be dangerous we can see them. Anything that isn't classed as dangerous to be left for 3 weeks will be rescheduled when things settle down. 

If you have any concerns or you are unsure whether your pet must be seen call us on 01444 456886.

As we need to assess the urgency of every case that we might see, we are temporarily suspending the newly launched online booking service. If you have a problem with your pet, please dial 01444 456886, and one of our professional team will assess whether a phone, video or onsite consultation is the best option.

We are not having any problems with our supplier during this time so will be able to continue to provide you all with food and medications. We ask that you call us and give us 2 working days to prepare the order. 

Collections of food and medications are only to be made between the hours of 4.30pm and 5.30pm weekdays. 

As a thank you to our current PCP clients for their continued support, we will be posting 3 months worth of parasite treatment directly to you to save you having to visit us at the clinic. Please do not call us about this it will be done automatically.

Urgent Request - Please call to order any food or medications

We are experiencing a very high drive-in-demand for essential pet medications and pet food at the moment. As we have only a skeleton staff on site, this is adversely affecting our ability to care for pets that are unwell.

We regret that we must insist that you do not simply arrive at the clinic and expect us to fulfil your repeat medication requirements. 

Instead you should

1. Start by phoning one of our team on 01444 456886 to place your order. We have plenty of staff working remotely who can help you with this.

2. Give us 2 working days' notice of the food or medication that you require. ie phone us Wednesday or before to pick up on Friday.

3. Pre-pay on the phone for this order. This ensures contactless delivery when you pick-up at the Clinic.

4. Our on-site team will stop seeing sick animals between 4.30 and 5.30pm ONLY  every weekday to be available to pass your food or medication to you, in an appropriately contact-free manner.

We really appreciate your co-operation in this matter.

24.3.2020 - Update

Firstly please let us thank you for your patience and understanding through this very uncertain time, we are very lucky to have such a supportive client group helping us keep everyone safe and well.

We are doing our best to keep you  fully informed. Here is an update for you:

We will still see sick and injured pets so if you have any concerns please do call us. Our out of hours vet will also still be open at all times that we are not.

  • We are sorry to have to say that we are no longer able to offer routine vaccine appointments - there are however 4 exceptions to this rule:
  1. 1st puppy vaccines
  2. 2nd puppy vaccines
  3. 1st adult dog vaccine, usually given at 15 months' of age
  4. Rabies Vaccines, where a blood test has been taken and passed. 

We will continue to offer these four vaccines for as long as possible. We will catch up with all other vaccines as soon as we can when things return to normal.

  • As mentioned before we are having to cancel all routine appointments - this includes but is not limited to: 6 month health checks, weighing cats for flea treatment, routine claw clips, routine anal glands etc. (please call us if you are at all unsure whether we need to see your pet). However, if a pet is in pain due to eg a claw or anal gland problem, we will be able to help with this.
  • We are also having to cancel routine procedures including neuters and non essential dental surgery and x-rays there may be others added to this list as time goes on.
  • Due to the staff team being limited we are unfortunately unable to keep to our one pet one vet policy until further notice.

  • We request that if you need food or medication for your pet, that you call us in advance and we will order it for you. We do require at least two working days notice for prescription medication orders (this does not apply to Prinovox or Droncit / Profender). 

  • We request that all orders / appointments are paid for via telephone / card. We are unable to accept cash for them at this time.

We will continue to be available over the phone and via email, although please be advised that if staff numbers drop considerably more we may have to reduce our opening hours.

Stay safe and well and keep an eye out for any other updates via email, or on our social media platforms as we are doing our best to keep these as up to date as possible: Facebook Twitter
and Instagram

Frequently asked questions - 24.3.2020

1. What if my pet has an acute medical emergency? Can I still run to the Mewes for help?

Yes, we are currently maintaining our usual excellent level of emergency care. Your pet can still be admitted as an emergency and cared for. However, any people who arrive with the injured pet will be asked to wait in our courtyard, and not enter the building, to protect them and the Mewes staff from coronavirus infection.

2. What if my pet has a medical condition that requires a regular blood test?

We are still able to care for them. No pet will go without its regular medication if we can help it.

If you are permitted to come to us, then you should make an appointment as usual for your pet’s blood test.

Our vet or nurse will have a conversation with you as usual beforehand, but instead of doing this in the consulting room, this will now occur outside, whilst a socially appropriate distance is being maintained.

Once satisfied that any medical details have been discussed you will then pass us your pet in a contactless manner. We will take your pet into the clinic to take the blood sample and perform any other necessary checks.

We will then return them to you back outside, again in a contactless manner. Payment will also be contactless via phone or if below £30 direct onto the device.

3. How will the Mewes manage if their team have to self-isolate or fall ill?

We have been working hard to arrange plans so that no pet that is ill, injured or in pain will go uncared for despite the coronavirus pandemic.

Obviously, we may have to make adjustments to our opening hours and we may have to reduce our ability to offer services for well pets, such as vaccinations, but these will all be caught up at a later date.

We suggest that you follow us on Facebook, and keep an eye out for emails from us, to know what our current service is at any point.

4. Where and how can I collect repeat prescriptions?

We expect to be able to maintain provision of required medications though the pandemic crisis.

You should provide us with 2 working days’ notice of your need for a repeat prescription as usual.

If you are allowed to travel, we can arrange contactless pick-up for your pet’s food and medications. Simply phone to advise us of your proposed arrival time at the clinic, and we will have it ready for you to pick up from within our courtyard area.

If you are self isolating, we have a variety of options available, which may include: 

- Paid for contactless home delivery service by one of our team members for occasional requirements.

- Monthly direct debit option on your PCP for regular lungworm, flea and worm protection to be delivered quarterly by post.

- Contactless pick up option by a friend or one of the wonderful pandemic army of volunteers.

Note that we do have a duty of care to ensure that prescription only medications (POMs) are placed into an adult’s hands, are safely transported, and not misused. Also we must ethically ensure that you know how to safely administer anything we prescribe, and that your pet’s condition has not changed since it’s last check-up. Hence we have to be terribly careful who we give medications to.

We will be happy to discuss this with you by phone or video link.

5. What if my pet is due it’s repeat prescription check-up?

Our intention is that no pet that depends on regular medication for its good health will go without that medication during the coronavirus pandemic crisis.

If you are permitted to travel, we are currently recommending that you arrange an appointment for this as usual.

We will conduct a contactless consultation outside, maintaining an appropriate distance.

You will pass us your pet on a lead, or in a carefully closed box, in a contactless manner.

We will take your pet into the Clinic to perform its physical examination and weigh-in.

We will then return your pet to you, sum up the situation from a distance, provide any medication in a contactless manner and take contactless payment.

If you are unable to leave your home, we will provide this service using our new vet video or phone consultation service. The fee for this is £25 incl VAT. The vet will decide with you using a risk: benefit assessment whether to allow more medication without seeing the pet, for a certain period, or whether the pet may need to be brought into the clinic by some kind non-isolated volunteer, perhaps. We will decide this together on a case-by-case basis.

Note that the £25 you will have already paid will be refunded from the subsequent in-clinic

appointment charge, should this be deemed necessary.

An update from The Mewes – Thursday 19 March

As you all know, the country is facing some trying times ahead. Here at The Mewes we are doing our best to help protect you and also our staff. Our team are exceptionally exposed to the public, and therefore to infection. If we all fall ill at once we will not be able to provide the service that your pet deserves.

Our priority is still to give your pet the best care possible, whilst managing this difficult situation. 

We've enhanced our already thorough cleaning and disinfection measures to help prevent transmission. Over the next few days we will be introducing further measures to help minimise the risk of infection, and for this we request your co-operation.

Visiting The Mewes

  1. Please do not enter the building unless invited by a staff member, except in an emergency. 
  2. Wait outside either in your car or under the gazebo that we have provided prior to appointments. 
  3. Notify us of your arrival by calling us or ringing the doorbell at the bottom of the outside steps. Ideally, please ensure you have a mobile phone with you. 
  4. Consultations will take place outside (if possible) or a staff member will take your pet into the building for the consultation without you. If there is a reason why someone has to be with your pet during consultation, we will only be allowing one person per pet
  5. If you do come into the building for any reason, please ensure that you use the hand sanitiser on the reception desk as soon as you arrive.  
  6. Where possible, please use card or contactless payment. You can also call us to make payment over the telephone.

Collecting medication & food

If you have to come in and collect medication / food / parasite treatments please follow the instructions above. Stay outside.

Ideally let us know what time you are likely to come and collect your items, and pre-pay for them over the phone. We can leave them in a safe place outside for you to pick them up from, without coming into the building at all.

Your pet remains our priority

We will be reluctantly suspending routine 6 month checks for healthy pets on our VIP plan. These will stay on your account to be used as a free of charge consultation at a later date for whatever purpose.

We may find that staff levels start to decline and if they do, our priority will become to ensure that no pet is sick, injured or in pain without our care. The need to cancel routine appointments and procedures may arise. We will notify you as soon as possible if this does happen.

Lastly but most importantly we respectfully request that if you are feeling at all unwell, that you do not visit us here at The Mewes nor go to our emergency practice PETS. In this instance, please call us and we will provide support over the telephone. 

Many thanks for your co-operation and consideration during these uncertain times.

The Mewes Vets team