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  • Simon's story

    Simon's story

    This lovely story has been shared with me by one of my clients. Over fifty years ago a young couple, ...

    9th December 2021

  • dancing

    Student Life

    Being a vet student wasn’t all hard study. In my undergraduate years I joined the university ballroom dancing club. I ...

    18th November 2021

  • 14th October

    A vet looks after all kinds of animals

    But the smaller the patient, the more tricky certain issues are to solve. For instance, the winter white dwarf hamster ...

    14th October 2021

  • water

    Student initiation

    It was my first week at Trinity College, Cambridge, and I was off to the freshers’ dinner.  I was keen ...

    7th October 2021

  • Guinea pig with a head tilt

    Guinea pig with a head tilt

    I sometimes feel like Sherlock Holmes. I see a patient, with certain symptoms, and I have to follow the clues ...

    26th August 2021

  • cat fight

    Feline Infectious Anaemia

    The medical profession is littered with acronyms. It is so much easier to say FIV rather than feline immunodeficiency virus, ...

    19th August 2021

  • basket of kittens

    How it all started

    People often ask me how I decided to become a veterinary surgeon. It all started with a passion for animals, ...

    5th August 2021

  • blade in tummy

    Harry’s near miss

    “Help! He has swallowed a razor blade!” These are not words you really want to hear. My mind had no ...

    8th July 2021

  • JM at Drusilla's

    Drusilla's experience

    Possibly the best day out ever! Excuse my enthusiasm, but if you are an animal lover then you will be ...

    24th June 2021

  • Julia and Jazz

    Why I became a vet

    Last month I conducted a virtual careers talk. A local school had identified that they have several pupils that might ...

    17th June 2021

  • 25th logo

    This week the Mewes Vets are celebrating our 25th anniversary!

    It was twenty-five years ago that I first viewed the five bedroom home at number four Haywards Road and saw ...

    10th June 2021

  • Black lab

    What are Anal Glands

    “He’s made his skin raw.” Vic the labrador had been worrying at one small place on his knee, until it ...

    20th May 2021

  • calf

    The vet needs a caesarian kit

    I heard the call and looked around to see who would respond. I was at that difficult stage where I ...

    13th May 2021

  • Pugs eyes

    How to preserve a pug’s eye?

    Eyes are special in so many ways. And for a pet to lose an eye feels like a real fail. ...

    6th May 2021

  • stretched out cat

    Ruptured diaphragm

    In my first year as a qualified vet there were so many new experiences. Sadly, it was fairly common to ...

    22nd April 2021

  • baby lamb

    It’s lambing season again.

    It’s lambing season again. I was very fortunate as a vet student to learn my lambing from a patient Cotswold ...

    25th March 2021

  • Generic cat

    Not your everyday tummy upset

    Max the cat had been sick, and was refusing food. After a careful assessment, he was given a simple injection ...

    4th March 2021

  • Male vet with cat

    Hunky vet and cat cuddles

    One winter I was staying with my godparent’s family in Birmingham, so that I could see practice nearby. I was ...

    4th February 2021

  • Dora - 21.1.21

    An evening emergency

    It was five minutes to home time. It was the first evening in months where the special appointments that we ...

    21st January 2021

  • Lucy

    A Christmas Miracle

    I first met Lucy, a beautiful German Shepherd, when she was two years old. She was a little nervous of ...

    24th December 2020