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  • puppies

    The year of the pup?

    You may have noticed that I am an animal lover. So you won’t be surprised that I can be easily ...

    14th January 2021

  • Minnie - weight loss

    New Year’s resolutions

    Are you and your pets shut indoors and gaining weight? At this time of year, our thoughts turn to how ...

    7th January 2021

  • Hope

    A time of hope

    I hope that none of us will ever have to experience another year like 2020. For an agonising few months ...

    31st December 2020

  • Hugo take 2

    Fundraising success

    Congratulations to Hugo and his family! This wonderful portrait of Labrador puppy, Hugo in his smart bow tie, was the ...

    17th December 2020

  • Mewes shelter November 2020

    The Mewes Vets remains open

    Thank goodness, vets are being considered an ‘essential business’ this time around. When the first lockdown looked likely, I was ...

    12th November 2020

  • Drusilla's logo

    Plans change

    Tomorrow I was expecting to be a zoo-keeper for the day at Drusillas Park. It was a gift for a ...

    5th November 2020

  • Millie Hollyman

    Dog Acupuncture still available

    Lockdown has been tough for all of us. For some it has meant a painfully long period of separation from ...

    22nd October 2020

  • Archie October 2020

    Why we are not letting any clients into the premises. Last day for calendar competition entries.

    Last call for pet photo competition entries! We have had some wonderful entries for our pet photo competition already this ...

    15th October 2020

  • 2020 cover star Nala

    Calendar Competition Launch

    Most years the Mewes Vets team are frequently out in the community at events raising awareness about responsible pet ownership. ...

    3rd September 2020

  • Rabbits 2018

    All in one rabbit vaccine

    In some ways lockdown has been a special time for me as a vet. Many people have had time to ...

    27th August 2020

  • boxer

    New pet cancer treatment

    We are living in extraordinary times. Whilst most of us are focussing on coping with all the changes caused by ...

    13th August 2020

  • black kitten

    Working with Social Distancing

    “Aww! He’s so cute!” Our next patient was a nine week old black kitten, called Sooty.He had a thirty minute ...

    30th July 2020

  • mialee

    Great News

    At last! I can report something of a return to our former levels of service. Since late March we have ...

    11th June 2020

  • cats2020

    Pet Owners are COVID heroes too

    My team are so impressed. Pet owners all over Mid Sussex are stepping up to the mark in a way ...

    23rd April 2020

  • JuliaJazz

    COVID-sense returns

    I am so excited! For three weeks during the initial COVID lockdown I have been forced to follow guidelines that ...

    16th April 2020

  • mewespractice

    The New Corona-Norm

    The whole country is adapting to a new norm. At the Mewes Vets our priorities are to follow guidelines, stay ...

    9th April 2020

  • The Mewes practice

    Crying over the corona crisis

    My heart is breaking. I joined the veterinary profession to care for those that cannot express their pain - animals.  ...

    5th April 2020

  • JJ2

    Benefits of Acupuncture

    When a pet owner takes the trouble to write us a thank you letter, it means so much to us. ...

    12th March 2020

  • ty 2

    Cancer affects animals and humans alike

    This month I am raising funds for Cancer Research’s Walk All Over Cancer Month. I lost my Dad to cancer, ...

    5th March 2020

  • group talks

    Talking to local groups

    In a fortnight I will have the privilege of addressing one of the local U3A groups. I regularly attend events ...

    13th February 2020