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  • JM operating

    How old habits need to change

    I have an odd obsession. If I clean something, like the laundry, it really upsets me if it gets mixed ...

    20th February 2020

  • group talks

    Talking to local groups

    In a fortnight I will have the privilege of addressing one of the local U3A groups. I regularly attend events ...

    13th February 2020

  • cat in tree

    The Mewes vets launch online booking service

    It was just getting dark on Sunday evening a few weeks ago when Smokey’s owner, Sue, heard the cat flap. ...

    6th February 2020

  • Freddy

    Freddy's strangely nice experience

    I get a great many compliments about pets who just love coming to see us at the Clinic. This might ...

    30th January 2020

  • Wilbur

    A Staffie's Stifle Disease

    I spend all day trying to ensure that pet owners understand me. I consider it the role of a good ...

    23rd January 2020

  • Muffin

    It would be cruel to make your cat go vegan

    Cats cannot be vegans January is the time of year when our minds turn to healthier living and good resolutions. ...

    16th January 2020

  • Rabbits 2018

    What is best for rabbits in winter?

    It can hard for rabbits to keep warm in winter if they are unable to move about and exercise. So ...

    9th January 2020

  • racehorse

    As a kid I was mad about horses

    As a kid I was mad about horses. I thought I was going to be a horse vet, and spent ...

    2nd January 2020

  • Roo and Smudge Bartrum

    Nearly no Christmas cheer for Roo

    It was the last full week before the festivities when we heard that a sick kitten was on his waydown. ...

    27th December 2019

  • Mishka

    A day of opposites

    A day of opposites My days are rarely routine. When I was thinking about a potential career as a teenage ...

    19th December 2019

  • Not clover

    Clover nearly didn't see Christmas

    Four year old puss, Clover and her owner have a very special bond. They are each other’s sole companions. Clover ...

    12th December 2019

  • african grey

    Sometimes darkness can help treat patients

    A parrot’s beak is designed to crack the toughest of nuts. And its long claws are talons that put a ...

    5th December 2019

  • xmas18 13

    You are invited to our Christmas Party

    All pet lovers are welcome to attend our free Christmas party on Saturday 7th December at 11am to 12 noon, ...

    28th November 2019

  • Crestie Hardman

    How our nurse mobility clinic helped Crestie

    About six months ago, after much thought and many training session, our nursing team at the Mewes launched their mobility ...

    21st November 2019

  • lotus baby

    The case of Lotus and the fat balls

    At this time of year, it’s good to spare a thought for our wildlife. That’s what Lotus’ owner had done, ...

    14th November 2019

  • Beans voight

    How facing your fears can pay off

    They say it is healthy for us to challenge ourselves. That every do we should do something that scares us. ...

    7th November 2019

  • Bunnies and Winter

    Bunnies and Winter

    With winter just around the corner, let’s spare a thought for our hutch friends. Experienced rabbit and guinea pig owners ...

    31st October 2019

  • 8 man boat

    Memories of my boatie days

    As the clocks go back this weekend, my mind goes back to my early years at University. I was in ...

    24th October 2019

  • Bubble gum

    Sweet yet toxic

    Did you know that Starburst the sweetie is now available as a chewing gum? When I was a kid, Opal ...

    17th October 2019

  • Jazzy 2

    Blood can heal eyes

    Certain breeds of dog are sadly more prone to eye damage than others. We have been seeing a number of ...

    10th October 2019