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  • 2020 cover star Nala

    Calendar Competition Launch

    Most years the Mewes Vets team are frequently out in the community at events raising awareness about responsible pet ownership. ...

    3rd September 2020

  • Rabbits 2018

    All in one rabbit vaccine

    In some ways lockdown has been a special time for me as a vet. Many people have had time to ...

    27th August 2020

  • Julia operating

    How I became a vet

    I know there are a lot of young people wondering right now where their lives are going and how to ...

    20th August 2020

  • boxer

    New pet cancer treatment

    We are living in extraordinary times. Whilst most of us are focussing on coping with all the changes caused by ...

    13th August 2020

  • Muffin

    This Saturday 8th August, is International Cat Day

    As a vet I am receiving lots of invitations to attend webinars and onlineprofessional discussions to improve my understanding of ...

    6th August 2020

  • black kitten

    Working with Social Distancing

    “Aww! He’s so cute!” Our next patient was a nine week old black kitten, called Sooty.He had a thirty minute ...

    30th July 2020

  • hedgehog

    A sick hedgehog was brought into the Clinic last Saturday

    He had been found wandering in the road in daytime, by a passerby. She knew that hedgehogs are nocturnal, and ...

    23rd July 2020

  • black cat

    Brave little Tom survives RTA

    “Help! Tom’s been run over!” I stopped what I was doing, and, as I descended the stairs to reception, I ...

    16th July 2020

  • Daxie

    Always Learning

    As we went into lockdown, one of the very few patients I saw in personwas a miniature Dachsund. At nine ...

    9th July 2020

  • bichon frise

    Last week I saved a life

    My patient was a nine year old Bichon Frise. She was new to me. I have known some petsfor their ...

    2nd July 2020

  • bbq

    Hot Weather

    The longest day of the year passed last weekend at the summer solstice. High summer is a glorious time, but ...

    25th June 2020

  • Julia Horse Riding

    How a rainy day activity helped shape our future

    When I was a kid we had a summer holiday every year in the same town in Devon. For just ...

    18th June 2020

  • mialee

    Great News

    At last! I can report something of a return to our former levels of service. Since late March we have ...

    11th June 2020

  • flourescent cat

    When science sounds fictional / How animals help medical research

    Have you heard of fluorescent felines? They have been genetically engineered to try to help our understanding of viral diseases ...

    4th June 2020

  • Stumpy

    Welfare needs of pets

    Late May brings back memories of exams. Thirty plus years ago I was seated alone, in front of three examiners ...

    28th May 2020

  • pig

    Barrier nursing

    As a business owner, I am currently focussing my mind on how to bring my team back fromfurlough safely. This ...

    21st May 2020

  • hamster

    'Donkey' or 'Hamster'?

    This month is National Pet Month, in which we celebrate our lives with our pets, and promote responsible pet ownership. ...

    14th May 2020

  • hedgehog

    Hedgehog Awareness Week

    This week is hedgehog awareness week. It started for me with a phone call from a person who had found ...

    7th May 2020

  • Blog post image

    New arrival in the family?

    Many families are taking advantage of the lock down to start a long term relationship - with a new pet. ...

    30th April 2020

  • cats2020

    Pet Owners are COVID heroes too

    My team are so impressed. Pet owners all over Mid Sussex are stepping up to the mark in a way ...

    23rd April 2020