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  • Muffin

    This Saturday 8th August, is International Cat Day

    As a vet I am receiving lots of invitations to attend webinars and onlineprofessional discussions to improve my understanding of ...

    6th August 2020

  • black kitten

    Working with Social Distancing

    “Aww! He’s so cute!” Our next patient was a nine week old black kitten, called Sooty.He had a thirty minute ...

    30th July 2020

  • hedgehog

    A sick hedgehog was brought into the Clinic last Saturday

    He had been found wandering in the road in daytime, by a passerby. She knew that hedgehogs are nocturnal, and ...

    23rd July 2020

  • black cat

    Brave little Tom survives RTA

    “Help! Tom’s been run over!” I stopped what I was doing, and, as I descended the stairs to reception, I ...

    16th July 2020

  • Daxie

    Always Learning

    As we went into lockdown, one of the very few patients I saw in personwas a miniature Dachsund. At nine ...

    9th July 2020

  • bichon frise

    Last week I saved a life

    My patient was a nine year old Bichon Frise. She was new to me. I have known some petsfor their ...

    2nd July 2020

  • bbq

    Hot Weather

    The longest day of the year passed last weekend at the summer solstice. High summer is a glorious time, but ...

    25th June 2020

  • Julia Horse Riding

    How a rainy day activity helped shape our future

    When I was a kid we had a summer holiday every year in the same town in Devon. For just ...

    18th June 2020

  • mialee

    Great News

    At last! I can report something of a return to our former levels of service. Since late March we have ...

    11th June 2020

  • flourescent cat

    When science sounds fictional / How animals help medical research

    Have you heard of fluorescent felines? They have been genetically engineered to try to help our understanding of viral diseases ...

    4th June 2020

  • Stumpy

    Welfare needs of pets

    Late May brings back memories of exams. Thirty plus years ago I was seated alone, in front of three examiners ...

    28th May 2020

  • pig

    Barrier nursing

    As a business owner, I am currently focussing my mind on how to bring my team back fromfurlough safely. This ...

    21st May 2020

  • hamster

    'Donkey' or 'Hamster'?

    This month is National Pet Month, in which we celebrate our lives with our pets, and promote responsible pet ownership. ...

    14th May 2020

  • hedgehog

    Hedgehog Awareness Week

    This week is hedgehog awareness week. It started for me with a phone call from a person who had found ...

    7th May 2020

  • Blog post image

    New arrival in the family?

    Many families are taking advantage of the lock down to start a long term relationship - with a new pet. ...

    30th April 2020

  • cats2020

    Pet Owners are COVID heroes too

    My team are so impressed. Pet owners all over Mid Sussex are stepping up to the mark in a way ...

    23rd April 2020

  • JuliaJazz

    COVID-sense returns

    I am so excited! For three weeks during the initial COVID lockdown I have been forced to follow guidelines that ...

    16th April 2020

  • mewespractice

    The New Corona-Norm

    The whole country is adapting to a new norm. At the Mewes Vets our priorities are to follow guidelines, stay ...

    9th April 2020

  • The Mewes practice

    Crying over the corona crisis

    My heart is breaking. I joined the veterinary profession to care for those that cannot express their pain - animals.  ...

    5th April 2020

  • alabamarot

    Alabama Rot strikes in Burgess Hill

    Earlier this month we were made aware of a probable case of Alabama Rot in a dog visiting a vets ...

    26th March 2020