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  • 21st October

    Neutering your female dog is a good thing

    I do sometimes come across pet owners who are unsure about spaying, and I am always happy to discuss with ...

    21st October 2021

  • 14th October

    A vet looks after all kinds of animals

    But the smaller the patient, the more tricky certain issues are to solve. For instance, the winter white dwarf hamster ...

    14th October 2021

  • water

    Student initiation

    It was my first week at Trinity College, Cambridge, and I was off to the freshers’ dinner.  I was keen ...

    7th October 2021

  • kittens fighting

    First aid for abcess

    Your cat’s been in a fight. It doesn’t look too bad. There’s a speck of dried blood on the fur, ...

    30th September 2021


    Allowing your pet to be admitted to the veterinary hospital is hard

    Every day I see pet owners who have brought their pets to us, because they trust us to know what ...

    23rd September 2021

  • September is world Alzheimer's awareness month

    The theme this year is ‘know dementia, know Alzheimer’s’. But did you know that dogs can experience dementia as well? ...

    16th September 2021

  • 2022 calendar competition

    Join in our search for our 2022 cover star

    Calling all pet owners! We want your best portraits of your wonderful pets for our Mewes Vets 2022 calendar. It ...

    9th September 2021

  • HH town day 2021

    Haywards Heath Town Day Dog Show

    Haywards Heath Town Day is scheduled for Saturday September 11th in Victoria Park. And we will be back in action ...

    2nd September 2021

  • Guinea pig with a head tilt

    Guinea pig with a head tilt

    I sometimes feel like Sherlock Holmes. I see a patient, with certain symptoms, and I have to follow the clues ...

    26th August 2021

  • cat fight

    Feline Infectious Anaemia

    The medical profession is littered with acronyms. It is so much easier to say FIV rather than feline immunodeficiency virus, ...

    19th August 2021

  • Algea

    Are algae dangerous to my pets?

    Dog owners do need to be careful of blue-green algae. Whilst some are harmless, others do produce a variety of ...

    12th August 2021

  • basket of kittens

    How it all started

    People often ask me how I decided to become a veterinary surgeon. It all started with a passion for animals, ...

    5th August 2021

  • pancytopenia cat

    Food Standards Agency in cats - feline pancytopenia

    Last month the Royal Veterinary College (RVC) recognised that there was a sudden increase in the number of cats they ...

    29th July 2021

  • Shelter

    Freedom Day - however........

    *Please note that this weeks column in the Mid Sussex times was sent to print prior to us deciding to ...

    22nd July 2021

  • Guinea pigs

    Guinea pigs are not mini rabbits

    This may seem an obvious statement, but from a medical perspective it's very important. One example of the differences between ...

    15th July 2021

  • blade in tummy

    Harry’s near miss

    “Help! He has swallowed a razor blade!” These are not words you really want to hear. My mind had no ...

    8th July 2021

  • flystrike bunny

    Myiasis in rabbits

    I am hoping as I write this that we can look forward to some hot summer weather. I am not ...

    1st July 2021

  • JM at Drusilla's

    Drusilla's experience

    Possibly the best day out ever! Excuse my enthusiasm, but if you are an animal lover then you will be ...

    24th June 2021

  • Julia and Jazz

    Why I became a vet

    Last month I conducted a virtual careers talk. A local school had identified that they have several pupils that might ...

    17th June 2021

  • 25th logo

    This week the Mewes Vets are celebrating our 25th anniversary!

    It was twenty-five years ago that I first viewed the five bedroom home at number four Haywards Road and saw ...

    10th June 2021