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  • 20th Jan

    Pet First Aid

    Sunshine is not just uplifting for our mood. It performs the vital function of creating most of the vitamin D ...

    20th January 2022

  • 6th Jan 22 Collum

    It's an emergency

    Your pet rabbit has been chewing the electric wires again. Suddenly all the lights go out, and Nibbles has stopped ...

    6th January 2022

  • 30th Dec 21

    New Year - stiff joints - consider acupuncture

    Is your pet slowing down this winter? Perhaps their waistline is spreading, and they seem keen to spend more time ...

    30th December 2021

  • mince pies

    Grapes and dried fruits are dangerous to some dogs

    Please do not share any Christmas cake, Christmas pudding or mince pies with your dog this week.  Whilst a single ...

    23rd December 2021

  • Alice

    New Colleagues at The Mewes

    This week we are absolutely thrilled to be welcoming multiple new colleagues. Dr Alice Denning MRCVS is Sussex born and ...

    16th December 2021

  • Simon's story

    Simon's story

    This lovely story has been shared with me by one of my clients. Over fifty years ago a young couple, ...

    9th December 2021

  • 2022 calendar competition

    Raising funds for wildlife rescue

    Do join us this Saturday for a free cup of mulled wine, a mince pie and the opportunity to raise ...

    2nd December 2021

  • swan

    Fishing is dangerous to wildlife

    Fishing and animals just don’t seem to mix. I have been rebuked often enough for walking my dog near a ...

    25th November 2021

  • dancing

    Student Life

    Being a vet student wasn’t all hard study. In my undergraduate years I joined the university ballroom dancing club. I ...

    18th November 2021

  • trainees

    Our usual routine of welcoming work experience students has restarted

    I had a very special message from one such school student recently. She wrote to thank us and let us ...

    11th November 2021

  • hiding cat

    Remember Remember

    It’s nearly bonfire night, and we are allowed to go out and enjoy those fireworks again. It feels so great ...

    4th November 2021

  • pumpkin

    It’s spooky season

    Ten years ago, research showed that black cats were suffering from a weird prejudice. The Cats Protection noted that black ...

    28th October 2021

  • 21st October

    Neutering your female dog is a good thing

    I do sometimes come across pet owners who are unsure about spaying, and I am always happy to discuss with ...

    21st October 2021

  • 14th October

    A vet looks after all kinds of animals

    But the smaller the patient, the more tricky certain issues are to solve. For instance, the winter white dwarf hamster ...

    14th October 2021

  • water

    Student initiation

    It was my first week at Trinity College, Cambridge, and I was off to the freshers’ dinner.  I was keen ...

    7th October 2021

  • kittens fighting

    First aid for abcess

    Your cat’s been in a fight. It doesn’t look too bad. There’s a speck of dried blood on the fur, ...

    30th September 2021


    Allowing your pet to be admitted to the veterinary hospital is hard

    Every day I see pet owners who have brought their pets to us, because they trust us to know what ...

    23rd September 2021

  • September is world Alzheimer's awareness month

    The theme this year is ‘know dementia, know Alzheimer’s’. But did you know that dogs can experience dementia as well? ...

    16th September 2021

  • 2022 calendar competition

    Join in our search for our 2022 cover star

    Calling all pet owners! We want your best portraits of your wonderful pets for our Mewes Vets 2022 calendar. It ...

    9th September 2021

  • HH town day 2021

    Haywards Heath Town Day Dog Show

    Haywards Heath Town Day is scheduled for Saturday September 11th in Victoria Park. And we will be back in action ...

    2nd September 2021