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  • Mobility Pyramid

    New - Nurse Led Mobility Clinics

    Old dogs new tricks Does your best friend struggle to get out of bed these days? I spend considerable amounts ...

    21st March 2019

  • newborn lamb

    My first lambing season

    It was my first lambing season as a newly qualified Vet, and my patient needed a caesarian. At least I ...

    14th March 2019

  • Top 25 vet 2019

    Winning Team

    We are so excited to be able to let you all know that we have been selected as one of ...

    14th March 2019

  • Pip

    Crufts starts today

    Crufts, probably the best dog show in the world, starts again today.I have several patients who are anxiously preparing for ...

    7th March 2019

  • cat dental

    Dental care for less than £136

    “How am I going to afford to have Mollie’s teeth out?" Mollie’s owner had not realised how bad Mollie’s teeth ...

    28th February 2019

  • dog and suitcase

    Planning your pet’s Staycation

    With the uncertainties of Brexit, how will you holiday this summer?  PETS passports may become invalid and new requirements may ...

    21st February 2019

  • Tumble

    When first aid training really made a difference

    Note: I suggest that you read this story when you are not eating. Wendy and Tom were walking their working ...

    14th February 2019

  • Beatrice and Miriam

    It was really not a pretty look

    Pringle was not looking pretty. Pringle is a cute guinea pig with a rough coat who loves his cuddles. But ...

    7th February 2019

  • antifreeze

    Pets and essential oils

    If your cat is not allowed outside, their risk of needing a Vet is greatly reduced. But, what if you ...

    31st January 2019

  • cat fight 1

    Cat fights - a first aid tip

    What should you do if your cat has been beaten up? I treat cat bite abscesses on a weekly basis. ...

    24th January 2019

  • cat scales

    A cat has 5 weapons

    “Oww! What shall I do now??” I was a fourth year student in my first ever placement at a veterinary ...

    17th January 2019

  • Bun 10.1.19 1

    E cuniculi in rabbits and Zoonosis

    Have you ever seen a rabbit try to tie itself into a knot? I remember the first time a saw ...

    10th January 2019

  • Alabama Rot

    First Aid - Top tips

    Over the last four or more years I have been helping many people to learn First Aid for pets. Some ...

    3rd January 2019

  • dog in puddle

    My favourite dog walks around Sussex

    Well, the excitement and the feasting of Christmas are over, and the guilt is kicking in. Walking the dog is ...

    27th December 2018

  • kitten in xmas tree

    Kittens and Christmas

    Having a new kitten in the home is a magical time. I adore their early innocence, and watching them explore ...

    20th December 2018

  • Cleo

    Common things are common

    Just last week a special friend popped in to see me. She is a white, brown and black chihuahua cross ...

    13th December 2018

  • cat bp

    Even cats can be stressed

    The Build up to Christmas Do you find this time of year a bit challenging? We are all a bit ...

    6th December 2018

  • travel

    Pet Travel and Christmas Party

    Planning to travel abroad with your pet next spring? If you must travel around the end of March 2019, please ...

    29th November 2018

  • tortiose

    Tortoises can hold their breath for a long time

    “The poor little soul! I will have to anaesthetise her to deal with that wound.” I was newly qualified, and ...

    22nd November 2018

  • cat in tree

    It's like she's losing her marbles

    Elsie’s owners were worried that she seemed to be forgetting things. She would go outside as if to toilet, then ...

    15th November 2018