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  • garage

    When I had to leave Hannah the student behind

    I love having vet students with me. It keeps me on my toes, helps me to remember to articulate the ...

    18th July 2019

  • team

    Lucky to be part of such a great team

    I feel very blessed right now I have often been stopped when out and about by people who congratulate me ...

    11th July 2019

  • Jazzy 2

    Jazzy and the crab

    One summer a few years ago we took ourselves to a caravan park on the beach in Somerset. The days ...

    4th July 2019

  • Licky

    Fly strike risk in rabbits

    Rabbits need regular tail checks through the summer. Rabbits are not second-class citizens! OK, so maybe we are a bit ...

    27th June 2019

  • Jazzy 1

    Sometimes Being a pet owner can drive you crazy

    At this time of year, my lovely yellow Labrador, Jazzy starts to itch. She fidgets and fusses in the evening, ...

    21st June 2019

  • Herbie Slack

    Herbie - A miracle patient

    I saw a miracle patient recently. Herbie should have been an ordinary cat. He seemed normal when I met him ...

    13th June 2019

  • punting

    Punting, whilst waiting for the results of finals day

    At this time of year many schoolchildren and university students are facing public examinations that may affect their future careers. ...

    6th June 2019

  • Rabbits 2018

    Vaccinate your rabbit to protect against deadly virus

    We are urging all rabbit owners to get their pet bunnies vaccinated now to protect them against the outbreak of ...

    30th May 2019

  • mouth x-ray

    Digital radiography: Best thing since sliced bread!

    May is Pet Smile Month. This is a national campaign to raise awareness about the need to keep our pets’ ...

    23rd May 2019

  • Nurses

    Celebrate Veterinary Nursing Awareness Month with us

    Outside of the consulting room, most of the attention and medical care your pet receives is at the hands of ...

    16th May 2019

  • patrick

    Patrick the pug

    Have you seen the new movie “Patrick”? I was lucky enough to catch it recently. It’s a delightful Disney tale ...

    9th May 2019

  • Tip-Toe 2019

    A Wonderful Cuckoo Fayre 2019

    It was a big day out for Pebbles the Border Collie. As she shyly took up her place among 25 ...

    8th May 2019

  • cuckoo49

    Cuckfield Cuckoo Fayre

    It’s time for possibly the best fun dog show of the year, and I would love you to join us. ...

    2nd May 2019

  • stumpy

    Not all pets have fur

    As it was St George’s Day last Tuesday 23rd April, let’s celebrate the dragon. Bearded dragons are perhaps the easiest ...

    25th April 2019

  • Misty Martin

    Not your average vomiting case

    Freddie was not feeling well. He was only eight months old, and had joined his family just four weeks before. ...

    18th April 2019

  • npm 2019

    National Pet Month

    April is National Pet Month, when we can celebrate the special bond we have with our pets, and promote responsible ...

    11th April 2019

  • bsava


    One spring I volunteered to be a steward at the BSAVA conference. I was a fifth year vet student, and ...

    4th April 2019

  • 28th March 2019

    Welsh Lambing and Caryad

    It was over thirty years ago, and was seeing practice in North Wales. It was a mixed practice, seeing both ...

    28th March 2019

  • Mobility Pyramid

    New - Nurse Led Mobility Clinics

    Old dogs new tricks Does your best friend struggle to get out of bed these days? I spend considerable amounts ...

    21st March 2019

  • newborn lamb

    My first lambing season

    It was my first lambing season as a newly qualified Vet, and my patient needed a caesarian. At least I ...

    14th March 2019