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  • Discarded face mask

    Dangers of PPE

    Who would have thought twelve months ago that facemasks and restrictions would have become so much a part of our ...

    15th April 2021

  • JM - Best Vets West Sussex

    Best vets in West Sussex: thank you!

    We have been bowled over with the most amazing news! Last month we heard that we were the recipients of ...

    8th April 2021

  • waterways

    New Parasiticides

    A few months ago, I was horrified to read that there was evidence that pet flea products were contaminating our ...

    1st April 2021

  • baby lamb

    It’s lambing season again.

    It’s lambing season again. I was very fortunate as a vet student to learn my lambing from a patient Cotswold ...

    25th March 2021

  • Diane's piggie

    Guinea Pig Awareness Week (GPAW) Special Offer

    Next week will be the first ever Guinea Pig Awareness Week. At The Mewes Vets we are blessed to have ...

    18th March 2021

  • Jazzy 1

    Jazzie saves the day again

    Charlie, the gorgeous ginger and white thirteen year old cat, recently developed diabetes. He had been visibly declining. The weight ...

    11th March 2021

  • Generic cat

    Not your everyday tummy upset

    Max the cat had been sick, and was refusing food. After a careful assessment, he was given a simple injection ...

    4th March 2021

  • Beatrice and Miriam

    The first ever national guinea pig awareness week

    I truly dislike using a microscope. When I was a student, I had to learn. I spent many hours a ...

    25th February 2021

  • Paddy

    This Saturday 20th February is national love your pet day

    Of course, at The Mewes every day is a love your pet day. But I am happy to have an ...

    18th February 2021

  • Dr Nick

    We have a new vet

    His name is Dr Nick Paleologo, and he is from Greece.  We are extremely lucky to have found such a ...

    11th February 2021

  • Male vet with cat

    Hunky vet and cat cuddles

    One winter I was staying with my godparent’s family in Birmingham, so that I could see practice nearby. I was ...

    4th February 2021

  • Dog walk

    Protect your dogs

    I never know how much to trust social media. But I suppose I would be a fool to ignore the ...

    28th January 2021

  • Dora - 21.1.21

    An evening emergency

    It was five minutes to home time. It was the first evening in months where the special appointments that we ...

    21st January 2021

  • puppies

    The year of the pup?

    You may have noticed that I am an animal lover. So you won’t be surprised that I can be easily ...

    14th January 2021

  • Minnie - weight loss

    New Year’s resolutions

    Are you and your pets shut indoors and gaining weight? At this time of year, our thoughts turn to how ...

    7th January 2021

  • Hope

    A time of hope

    I hope that none of us will ever have to experience another year like 2020. For an agonising few months ...

    31st December 2020

  • Lucy

    A Christmas Miracle

    I first met Lucy, a beautiful German Shepherd, when she was two years old. She was a little nervous of ...

    24th December 2020

  • Hugo take 2

    Fundraising success

    Congratulations to Hugo and his family! This wonderful portrait of Labrador puppy, Hugo in his smart bow tie, was the ...

    17th December 2020

  • Julia being interviewed by ITV

    Insecticides in waterways

    I had a huge excitement recently - an appearance on ITV Meridian News. My TV debut! It was a privilege ...

    10th December 2020

  • Bracken 2

    Dog Vestibular Disease

    I bought some Aspods recently, and passed one to each of my team. Mine is now proudly on my keyring, ...

    26th November 2020